Thank You Again !!!!!

In Uncategorized on October 3, 2008 at 12:05 pm

Once again the Ridgewood blog readership remains strong with September advertising revenue surging

From Monday September 1, 2008 to Tuesday September 30, 2008
the Ridgewood Blog had 12091 unique visitors

and 40247 Hits for the month of September 2008 again making the Ridgewood blog the number one local news website in New Jersey .

For information contact: PJ Blogger at jamesfoytlin@optonline.net for advertising opportunities, announcements, press releases,photos and garage sales.

PJ is also available as a key note speaker for your event.

Let us know how we can work together .

Office Depot, IncApple iTunesSirius Satellite Radio Inc.

  1. Do you donate any of the revenue to charity or do you just pocket it?

  2. Thanks to the Blog we no longer have to send letters to the RN and wait for the editor to cut out the parts she doesn’t like. Susan, your paper is a big snooze.

  3. This place is POWER !

    An absolutely free and open forum for Village residents. A way to get voices heard, and yes, all the top Village officials read it. The Ridgewod News? Are you kidding me? Censorship in the form of a liberal bias. The only reason it survives is beacuse it has the lock on Village notices, and real estate listings.

  4. keep up the good work PJ

  5. dont forget to stop by smith brothers my office is reopened

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