Steve Lonegan :The Bailout Scam is Now Law

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The Bailout Scam is Now Law

I am sorry to announce that despite an overwhelming public outcry and thousands of emails and calls from our AFP activists, the House of Representatives has passed the pork laden bill 263 to 171. It now goes to President Bush who is expected to sign it.

Below is a roll call of the New Jersey Delegation. On Wednesday, Senators Lautenberg (D) and Menendez (D) both voted Yes.

The following voted YES for the biggest taxpayer subsidized swindle in history:

Andrews (D-1)
Saxton (R-3)
Pallone (D-6)
Ferguson (R-7)
*Pascrell (D-8)
*Frelinghuysen (R-11)
Holt (D-12)
Sires (D-13)

* Switched vote from earlier this week.

The following voted NO, holding firm for taxpayers and against this scam.

LoBiondo (R-2)
Smith (R-4)
Garrett (R-5)
Rothman (D-9)
Payne (D-10)

Thank you in particular to Congressman Scott Garrett for taking the lead in fighting this outrageous taxpayer rip-off. This Wall Street Bailout bill is loaded with ridiculous earmarks and even contains carbon caps that will destroy our manufacturers ability to compete.

Please call your Congressman and let him know what you think of his vote.

Steve Lonegan
Americans for Prosperity

  1. I was in Home Depot today and I didn’t see Lautenberg.

    What gives?

  2. So, when the entire frickin country needs a bailout (as it does), should we call the Martians instead?

  3. I’ll never vote for Garrett again! Thanks for letting me know how he voted.

  4. Call Lonegan. He has the answers(almost).

  5. Thank God there’s someone like Garrett out there looking out for the taxpayer.

    Immediately after this bailout was passed, the market dropped a few hundred points. Why? Because it was a bad bill that will not do much to solve the credit problems and will hurt the economy and not help it.

    But it “feels good” to “do something” to “help out” and that’s the important thing for some people. Myself, I prefer rational thinking and real solutions that spend my money wisely. Thank God Garrett is out there looking out for me. I’m a Democrat, but his vote against this ridiculous bailout bill has convinced me to vote for him in the next election.

  6. We should have a countdown clock for Garrett’s end of term in Congress. Till then we can use the Bush clock.

  7. yes 525 they sign the bogus bailout and the market goes down 500 point and you are worried about garret ? …put down the crack pipe

  8. the problem is the comunity reinvestment act which if anything this bills makes it worse

  9. The top 3 recipients of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac campaign contributions are democrats. Christopher Dodd – $165,400, Barack Obama – $126,349, and John Kerry – $111,000. Mind you that Barack Obama has only been in Congress for 3.5 years, where as the others have been in Congress for the entire 18.5 years of records kept.

  10. Scott Garrett is an embarrassment to New Jersey and Congress. As a Republican of many years standing, I have decided to contribute to the Democrat and vote for him to oust this disgrace from Washington.

  11. looks like scott was right market looks ro be down another 500 points today great going congress LOL

  12. 8:12 AM –

    Please… stop introducing facts into the discussion.

    It’s so much more fun to bash the Republicans.

  13. I guess that wooden arrowhead tax cut isn’t having the desired effect.

  14. Does ANYONE believe 8:05 AM when he says: “As a Republican of many years standing…

  15. 805 is just a stupid rino … worse than liberals and no one trusts thenm from either side, itellectual cowards nothing more

  16. The DOW is below 10,000 for the first time in 4 years… it’s down over 400 points and accelerating in freefall (now below 9900).

    So, I guess Garrett was wrong not to vote for this boondoggle of a bailout package, seeing how well it is working.

    This idiotic bloated pork filled package may have actually made matters worse.

  17. DOW… now down 550 points… below 9800.

    I can’t believe that Garrett didn’t vote for the pork boondoggle bailout bill.
    He missed a great opportunity there.

  18. Uh oh… DOW below 9700 (I better type fast before it falls below 9600!)… Down almost 700 points!

    Unbelievable that Garrett didn’t have the sense to vote for this magic bullet bailout bill!
    It’s working so great… It’s like a miracle!

  19. Like a rock.

    That can be said about the DOW’s plummet… now BELOW 9600… Down OVER 700 points!

    That can also be said about Scott Garrett… like a port in a storm; Scott is solid as a rock with his rejection of this sham of a bailout bill.

  20. DOW closes the day at 9,955.50.

    Still below 10,000… Still Down 368.88 points.

    So what does this show?

    The market goes up. The market goes down. That is the nature of the free market.
    The DOW swung from 10,322.76 to 9,525.32 (an almost 800 point range) finally settling down 369.88 points at 9955.50.

    The Bailout Bill gave no positive psychological effect. Perhaps it had a negative effect, although most likely it had no material effect.

    Garrett was right. The bailout bill was an expensive useless boondoggle. There are better ways to stimulate the market. Like herding cats, you cannot control the market. Perhaps you can encourage it to move one way or the other, but it will only go there if it wants to do so.

    Even without the wooden arrowhead tax break pork this was a bad bill and I am glad that Garrett did the right thing by opposing it.

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