Van Dyke’s Ice Cream, on Ackerman Avenue in Ridgewood, Named Bergen County’s Best Ice Cream ,Now you’re talking

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Van Dyke’s for this blogger is the best Ice Cream around hands down !

PJ blogger

From the Ridgewood Front Porch blog …..

This is another Bergen Health & Life review I can agree with. I’d give Van Dyke’s “A” for it’s great handmade ice cream and it’s “throwback” charm. However, if I had to choose, I would still go with Maggie Moo’s on Maple Avenue in Ridgewood – but you really can’t go wrong either way.
The magazine cites the Bailey’s Irish Cream, Amaretto and Chunky Strawberry as the best flavors to try. I will have to take the family there and give it a try. I reserve the right to change my vote from Maggie Moo’s to Van Dyke’s pending the results of my new field research.


  1. Van Dyke is much better than Maggie Moo.

    Its the best in the area, hands down.

    When we won a baseball game..

    Oh memories…

  3. 1:29 PM.

    True, true…

  4. T & W, must have been closed for over 20 years. i don't remember them when I first came here.

    You guys are really dating yourselves.

    I remember the hardware store and Woolworths. Now, those two stores I sorely miss.

    Van Dykes is the best and give you the most. Some times too much.

  5. Van Dykes. Oh, yes! I think I’m going to walk over there with my kids and dog right now. Mmmmmmm. Pistachio sounds good.

  6. Stay away from my Pumpkinicea cream! No one, and I mean no one, makes a better ice cream around here then Van Dykes.

    What amazes me is how many kids and newcomers have never gone there. Many of our children’s friends, without having been to Van Dykes, have expressed that they prefer Ben and Jerry’s. Haagen Daz, etc. One trip and there minds are changed.

  7. T&W was a terrific place to go after feeding the ducks ( no longer permitted. How about going to the Dairy Queen after winning a ball game and the owner John Trainor would give a free Ice Cream Sundae if you hit a home run in the game. Ahhh the real memories…

    BTW- John owned it as Dairy Queen, sold it and it changed to Magic Fountain and the new owners sold drugs out of there. John never should have sold it.

  8. Anyone know when they open up again for 2009..cravings. cake batter…

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