OEM Director Brad Mason Finally Has An Office – Council Gets 2 New Laptop Computers

In Uncategorized on October 2, 2008 at 3:34 pm

Acting Village Manager Frank Moritz informed Village Council members that OEM Director Brad Mason’s office has now been established within the Village Manager’s office suite at Village Hall. Mason had been without a physical office since he assumed his post several years ago.

Moritz also announced that two new laptops were acquired for use by Village Council members. It is anticipated that these devices will be used by Council members when they visit Village Hall to meet with constituents in the 4th floor Caucus Room.


  1. good luck.thank god chipy is gone what a stick in the mud.

  2. “meeting constituents in 4th floor Caucus Room”.

    I thought the meetings at the “Daily Treat” was good location too. At least the cost of Breakfast or Lunch could be put on the expense account.

    The Caucus Room sounds good to me. Do I need to wear my Skateboarding Helmet? Or would that be selected enforcement?

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