Flushing Money Down the Toilet? – New Vets Field Rest Rooms Will Cost $300K

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Village Engineer Christopher Rutishauser and Director of Parks and Recreation Timothy Cronin shared the responsibility of relaying very bad news to Village Council members during Wednesday evening’s Village Council Work Session.

And the bad news was that construction costs for rest room facilities within the Kasschau Memorial Shell, located on Vets Field, are now estimated at $300,100.

As you might expect, there was not one Council member who was happy about receiving that news.

Councilwoman Anne Zusy demanded a line by line breakdown of the proposed construction costs. And Deputy Mayor Keith D. Killion vowed to visit the proposed $300K facility daily in his bathrobe and slippers so he could get his money’s worth.

Cronin also revealed that the $300K construction bid exceeds money set aside for the project by almost $60K.

Council members agreed to sit on the proposal (no pun intended) until such time that Village CFO Dorothy Stikna can advise them how the gap in funding could be resolved.

In the interim, if anyone has ideas on how taxpayers could avoid spending $75K per toilet, please contact Mr. Killion or Ms. Zusy directly.



P.S.: The County of Bergen reportedly spent just over $250K on new rest room facilities at the Ridgewood Duck Pond, and close to $600K for a similar facility at the Glen Rock Duck Pond.


  1. That cost should come as no surprise. When you are required by law to use union contractors, the price goes up exponentially. I have a suggestion. It will save about 250,000. The materials are prob no more than 50k. How about using the labor of the RHS shop class students, along with the Bergen Tech students, etc under the supervision of a ‘clerk of the works’ hired to oversee the procees who can be paid a fee of perhaps $10,000. It is simple. I cant wait for the union thugs to have their big inflatable ‘rat’ outside the job site.

  2. to 6:54 –

    They still have “SHOP CLASS” in Ridgewood?

    I thought we only produced Lawyers, Politicians, Activists and Stock Brokers.

  3. We can call Habitat for humanity, they can give us some intellectual brainstorming ideas and Ridgewood could donate 150K to a great cause.
    Bathrooms for 300K sounds quite excessive.

  4. This should come as no surpise. If you ask anyone involved in managing the Village they will tell you their costs are at least 50% higher then the private sector when it comes to capital projects because of all the restrictions and requirements they are forced to abide by. (Bid proposals and specifications that run dozens of pages and cover everything short of nuclear war, prevailing union wages, work stoppages, bonding, legal fees, etc….) If you recall, the proposed concession stand for Vets ended up pricing out at over $400,000 (not including the kitchen appliances) when private contractors pegged the cost at $150,000 tops.

    It is the world we live in and it should come as no surprise with the concentration of people employed by the government.

    PS RHS does not have a “shop class.”

  5. And we couldn’t wait to tear down the old bathrooms, could we?

    What a joke.

    It is time for a revolution. Or we could just go on using Port-a-potties.

  6. stop spending money. breathe deep and just stop politicians. port a potties are fine. the residents need to stand up and make it clear that every expenditure is not just “only a few more $$ on your tax bill”.

    it all ADDS up.


  7. Whats more gross than a $300,000 toilet?

    Answer = a politician grandstanding for public approval.

    The council knew the price tag was going to be high but Anne thought it would be cute to use the issue to make headlines. She will do anything to knock Keith off the front pages.

  8. Why cant people use the nearby facilities at Graydon, the Library and Village Hall?

  9. Hello!!

    How much did we spend on the last restroom facility THAT THEY TORE DOWN on Vets before ?

    And who are we going to pay for upkeep and cleaning and supplies for new facility ?

    We all better think this one out abit more before spending that kind of money.

  10. i am 654. seriously..no more shop class? i graduated in 76..what have these liberals done to our town? nothing but soccer fields? ouch

  11. This is outrageous. People are all worried sick about the economy and now they are going to spend 300K on bathrooms? And you know it will go to 500K before the project is finished. Why can’t people go in the library bathrooms?

  12. 7:19 (aka 6:54) –

    Welcome to the party.

    Now that you are awake, get a cup of coffee, steel yourself and join the fight to regain your town.

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