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A reader asks ;

” did anyone notice that at the 9/22 BOE meeting a “Lindsey Murphy” was hired as an aide at the Infant Toddler Center at Glen School??????? Is this indeed one and the same with the high school aide who was arrested with illegal substances and a minor student at the Duckpond???????? If so, we have sunk to a new low and she should get the brass cojones award for coming back to the Wood for a teaching job, no matter what capacity. “

The correct spelling of her first name is Lindsay. And it would appear to be the same person. According to the BOE Agenda for 9/22, she was hired at the rate of High School Aide, which is what she was doing when she resigned in January.

See agenda here:


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  1. I coached her in high school. Lindsay is a good kid…she deserves a second chance.

  2. a second chance with our kids? Great idea

  3. very bad judgement on this one ..who does she know ?

  4. Un-F-in-believable.

  5. oh no say it isnt so

  6. Thank God there are so many perfect people in Ridgewood. The rest of us sinners are in awe.

  7. Makes you wonder how many other school employees have criminal records???????

  8. this is why the next time the BOE runs one of its surveys the teachers will also be surveyed

  9. 534 yes make excuses for child molesters …yikes

  10. yes 522 how bout you send your kids i hear she likes littel boys …..asshole …as always with the schools its politics over the kids all the time

  11. It wouldn’t upset me so much if she had been arrested for speeding or mail fraud—– but her indiscretion involved a student, for God’s sake! Come on now, people!

  12. People should write to the record to see if in fact this is the same chick.

    Original Article:

    Tuesday, January 29, 2008
    STAFF WRITER – Bergen Record

    School officials in Ridgewood accepted the resignation of the high school instructional aide found in a parked car with an underage student, beer and drugs.

    Lindsay Murphy, 29, of Mahwah was sitting in the car with the 16-year-old boy — a student at the high school – when police approached them around 10 p.m. on Jan. 23 in a section of the duck pond parking lot on East Ridgewood Avenue, authorities said . Beer and the substance believed to be marijuana were found in the vehicle, police said.

    “The board accepted Ms. Murphy’s resignation last night,” said interim superintendent Tim Brennan on Tuesday.

    Murphy was charged with child abuse and neglect because of her job as an instructional aide and the teen’s juvenile status, police said.

    Murphy, who was earning $12,097 a year and had worked for the district for three years, was offered a meeting with the superintendent, but declined on advice of counsel, Brennan said Tuesday.

    “This was a rare occurrence in Ridgewood,” Brennan said. “There is disillusionment on the part of the kids…a sense of betrayal…a betrayal of trust.”

    E-mail: coutros@northjersey.com

  13. Different person, same name. The person hired at the ITDC is currently a student at RHS with the same name.

  14. Laurie Goodman said…

    “Different person, same name. The person hired at the ITDC is currently a student at RHS with the same name.”

    How unfortunate for the student.

  15. re: “Different person, same name. The person hired at the ITDC is currently a student at RHS with the same name.”


    But it is interesting to see all of the left wing loons coming to the defense of the child molester.

    These are your neighbors.

    They put PC liberal BS above the safety and well being of your children.

    Well, you are what you are taught.

    God help us all.

  16. Dont you think that it warranted a mention in the minutes???? Something to the effect of her not being the same individual released (euphamism) from employ at ridgewood public schools last year. That would have gone a long way to clear up any potential misunderstandings for both parties!

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