Wall Street Crisis Hits Home

In Uncategorized on September 30, 2008 at 11:03 am

According to BusinessWeek, the cities are ranked by percentage of people employed in finance, insurance, real estate and leasing in 2007.

Darien, Conn. – (27.23)
Bloomington, Ill. – (26.31)
Hoboken, N.J. – (23.33)
West Des Moines, Io. – (22.15)
Garden City, N.Y. – (20.22)
Summit, N.J. – (19.74)
Westport, Conn. – (19.39)
University Park, Tex. – (18.83)
Wethersfield, Conn. – (18.73)
Mountain Brook, Ala. – (18.66)
Lake Forest, Ill. – (18.60)
Urbandale, Io. – (18.52)
Normal, Ill. – (17.28)
West Hartford, Conn. – (16.67)
Newport Beach, Calif. – (16.56)
Westchase, Fla. – (16.45)
Rockville Centre, N.Y. – (16.29)
Naples, Fla. – (16.10)
Ridgewood, N.J. – (15.94)

  1. without question, the most BORING people I have ever encountered. Enterprenuers are much more exciting. Financial types seem to be focused on their money only. think about it…the members of the ‘math club’ when we were in RHS…now their are just grown-up BORING nerds

  2. 6:55 – Thanks for your caricature. Maybe you should get out and meet a few more people — finance types & others.

  3. now maybe our best and brightest college students will pursue careers in science. that might help the world instead of pushing paper around,bettin on ANYTHING, then selling the printed toilet paper to the masses (as wall st did with the CDO, MBS, etc etc) which has destroyed the economy and helped us lose our place in the world order. imagine, all that Wall St $$$$ and the foreigners are kickin our ass financially..

  4. 827 you have to start teaching REAL MATH first ! No Math meeans no science

  5. 8:35

    It took less that 3 hours for you to string the financial crisis facing the nation to the math curriculum in the district. Real impressive. Myopic much?

  6. 10:49 AM, 8:35 is not myopic, so much as you are revealing your utter blindness (willful, I suspect).

    By contrast, those of us who are not excessively political by nature can see that 8:35’s remark is both salient and very timely.

    I would further pursue 8:35’s point by observing that the current crisis is actually consistent with a circumstance in which those who possess little to no integrity, and/or little to no skill in relevant areas of mathematics, somehow gain the upper hand over all others in terms of organizational power, and then proceed to milk the system for all it is worth.

    So your go-forward plan would be to increase or at least maintain the number of them that fall in the category of ‘math ignorant’, and then see if that helps?

    Isn’t that sort of like doing something the same way twice, and expecting a different result on the second attempt?

    Don’t bother answering that. I’ll answer it for you.

    Yes, it is.

    Can you now see how fruitful this discussion has been? Imagine–arrive at the very definition of insanity, solely by observing current events with a critical eye, and drawing logical conclusions based on what we see!

    Care to lay odds on whether this word problem will appear in the next version of Pearson Investigations? (Sorry for piling on-couldn’t help myself)

  7. At every step of the way the democrats either blocked the legislation or threatened to filibuster. Democrats Barney Frank & Christopher Dodd led the way stating there was no problem with Fannie or Freddie as their democrat criminal friends were stealing millions of dollars out of Fannie & Freddie. Franklin Raines – $90 million in 5 years. Jim Johnson – $21 million in just his last year. Jamie Gorelick of the famous Wall between the CIA & FBI that led to 9/11 walked away with $26 million.

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