New Street Lamps for Central Business District Delayed – Yet Again

In Uncategorized on September 30, 2008 at 5:14 pm

Deputy Mayor Keith D. Killion is probably a very unhappy camper right about now.

On September 3rd, Killion blasted Village Engineer Christopher Rutishauser for the lack of progress in getting new street lamp assemblies installed within the Village’s Central Business District. At that time, Killion remarked that the project began when Quentin Wiest was mayor (1986-1990), and still isn’t complete. He then wondered aloud if it would be finished by the time his four-year term was over.

The Deputy Mayor further criticized Rutishauser when it was revealed that recent project delays resulted in an additional $49K expense for materials, and when Rutishauser suggested the project would not be completed prior to this year’s holiday season.

Now The Fly has learned that Killion and his fellow Council members will be forced to reject all bids received in connection with the necessary replacement of lamp post bases associated with the project. It is unknown at this time why the bids must be rejected, but additional project delays will certainly occur as a result of this latest debacle.

Annie Zusy seems to be on a big winning streak lately; maybe she should be tasked to assume oversight of this project.

Wayside Gardens


  2. The simple solution is to fire the people at the Village hall who can’t get this done. And, I am tired of hearing the council members say they can’t get the Village departments to do their jobs.

  3. Hey PJ it looks like your Anne’s new campaign manager.

  4. Totally off topic- but did anyone notice that at the 9/22 BOE meeting a “Lindsey Murphy” was hired as an aide at the Infant Toddler Center at Glen School??????? Is this indeed one and the same with the high school aide who was arrested with illegal substances and a minor student at the Duckpond???????? If so, we have sunk to a new low and she should get the brass cojones award for coming back to the Wood for a teaching job, no matter what capacity.

  5. Re: “Annie Zusy seems to be on a big winning streak lately; maybe she should be tasked to assume oversight of this project.”

    What is the winning streak?
    What have been her wins?

  6. How about sand blasting the ones we have, repainting, rewiring and cleaning the globes then calling it a day?

    Why must we BUY new ones?

  7. What type of lights will be used on these lamps the orange-type lights or the white-type light. We might have an orange downtown if they didn’t think about that.

  8. Thanks to a suggestion from Killion, Glenwood Road (the part that leads to the Ho-Ho-Kus train station) is currently being monitored for traffic volume (black senor on the road). As suggested by Killion, he would like to see this “cut-through” closed. If you live in that area or are visiting the West side of town, don’t forget to go up the road from the Ho-Ho-Kus train station.

    Maybe we should just close Willows Court off to while we at it.

  9. “Why must we BUY new ones?”

    The existing lamp posts are no longer manufactured. If one gets hit by a car and breaks, it can’t be replaced.

    The Historic Preservation Commission isn’t too keen on the idea of mismatched posts, so we’re buying all new ones, included several dozen as spares.

  10. 8:20pm, I believe we need to buy the original poles, however after the initial purchase, the poles are then owned by PSE&G who will need to supply spares, not the Village.

  11. When was the last time a car hit one of these lampposts?

    Can someone get this statistic? (and provide the source of the statistic)

    I’d bet the cost of getting a specialist craftsman/historic preservation shop to repair one of these lampposts each time they are damaged — while very costly at the time — would probably be cheaper in the long run than replacing ALL of the lampposts AND purchasing, storing and maintaining a set of spares.

    Another piece of Ridgewood charm and history wiped out.

    I’m not there yet, but voting for Killion is looking more and more like a bad decision.

  12. How about this.Maybe just maybe Mr. Killion is requesting to explore all options (Glenwood Rd.) good or bad before he makes a commitment to spend taxpayer money. Would you rather him just sit there and go along with the program. SPEND

  13. “Why must we BUY new ones?”

    Don’t they also want to increase the amount of lighting? Maybe the old posts can’t handle the new fixtures?

  14. Have you seen the new posts?

    They are a cheap imitation of the old posts. They are noticeably smaller in diameter and the metal surely isn’t as strong as the old cast iron posts.

    I agree with 4:27 PM and 9:34 PM.

    If the town wants to save money, we should really look to the BOE and its run-away budget of 86 million dollars this year.

    Are we honestly to believe that there is not 5% that could be trimmed from the budget?

    That would be a savings of 4.3 million dollars right there.

    No folks, it is not the VC that spends wildly, they can’t because the BOE already does.

    And the BOE holds the voters’ children hostage whenever cuts are brought up. The bureaucrats who run our RPS system are well versed in the practice of protecting this insanely high budget.

    The bureaucrats and certain BOE members threaten cuts to things that they know we want for our children, while protecting their pet projects and hiding expenditures that are needlessly frivolous.

    If the VC doesn’t speak out and take on the BOE, there wont be enough money to paint a crosswalk.

  15. HA,HA,HA,HA,

  16. Poles need to be replace as they contain lead paint which are caused to chip off. Also, these poles contain old wires which are becoming overly harder to fix if they get destroyed.

    After we purchase the initial poles, PSE&G will be responsible for fixing these poles, however we all know their response time. Also, I am unaware how often they are reported broken to PSE&G.

  17. Like some of the old poles, half the houses in Ridgewood have lead paint on their exteriors.

    What does lead paint have to do with the prices of bananas in Brazil?

    It’s not like it can’t be removed from the poles safely.

    And are you telling us that the old poles can’t be rewired?

    If you believe that, I got a parking garage I’ll sell you.

  18. a mr killion you should be criticized.what about your old dept.yea you dont no it all on the town.but you think you do,this guy works very hard for this town.why dont you get your ex dept to do more work,huh.you dont go after them.i new this was going to be.the fly is around

  19. 9:14

    The cost to repair and safely strip the poles of lead could cost more than just replacing the poles. A lot of old poles also contain rust and parts missing which are costly to repair.

    The lead pant on these poles are exposed to the weather and also to anything disturbing the paint (such as a car denting it or kids picking off the paint chips).

    Realistically, if the poles need to be fix it makes more sense to buy new ones to deal with all the issues of trying to refurbish the old ones, because not all can be fixed.

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