A Down town with out Banks?

In Uncategorized on September 29, 2008 at 3:28 pm

Chase bought WaMu and Citi bought Wachovia. Consolidation of branches is expected and as such, we are likely to see a couple less bank branches downtown. With the possibility of more bank acquisitions and failures, this could continue.

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  1. Great…maybe those bank branches can be converted into mortgage lending branches.


  2. Finally… this may be a solution for too many banks…

    Realtors have an obligation also to advise the owners of business rental space to be cautious in leasing to more banks…

  3. so those of you who said we have too many banks get your wish. NOW..how about some ‘input’ from the chamber of commerce as to what will increase the necessary foot traffic to benefit the other stores..rather than their incessant whining ‘after the fact’. there is now an opportunity to reshape the retail map in town so dont miss that chance now… perhaps some suggestions could be proposed via this blog… maybe some of our residents who are commercial realtors can advise what attracts that foot traffic..and is a ‘best fit’ for town. I am sure those landlords have long term leases with the banks..that could be re-negotiated as a sublease so that a new tenant beneficial to the community would have a rental advantage while starting a business.

  4. Can we get Woolworths back? Or Drug Fair?

  5. With even more rental space now likely to become vacant, it makes no sense for Pfund & Company to build more retail space on North Walnut Street.

  6. A hardware store! Please!

    Glen Rock has one on Rock Road, seems to do brisk business. Sure would love one to come back to downtown.

  7. Build a garage and they will come!

  8. How about Friendly’s? They were there years ago. I agree that was need a hardware/Woolworth’s store.

  9. I’m beggin’ for a hardware store.

    The banks’ leases were subsidized by their companies. Now, we’ll have to see how greedy the landlords are.

    Most new local businesses will not be able to afford to pay the rental prices that the banks paid.

  10. Banks are always the best tenants from a landlord’s perspective as they pay their rent on time and honor their leases. Even if a bank goes bust, the aquiring bank will honor the existing lease.

    Now don’t expect an influx on non-bank business. If anyone has been paying attention lately, there’s quite a growing number of empty places. If this bank bailout plan doesn’t go through, we are in for a lot worse than what we see now.

  11. i could go for like a bowling alley. but knowing Ridgewood the empty banks will become restaurants.

  12. 8:29 AM,

    Are you suggesting that we burn down the village?

  13. 12;26 =bad humor. you shouldnt joke about that and that post does not infer it either

  14. maybe we should drill for oil in
    Ridgewood so that we can continue to support our budget-busting

  15. 8:05 –

    How ’bout a wind fam in Van Neste?

    Or better yet on the horse farm or on the as-yet-to-be-purchased lot on Rt 17?

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