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The Maroons football game against Hackensack has been postponed until tomorrow, Saturday, September 27. The game will be played at Hackensack at 1 p.m.

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  1. Will be getting a refund for the lighting rental which was supposed to be used tonight at the stadium?

  2. I was told the game was cancelled in enough time to avoid the rental fee.

  3. One can only assume the game was canceled and then moved to another field because Ridgewood didn’t want to ruin its grass field.

    But I thought football was supposed to be played in inclement weather.

  4. How embarrasing, to play a "home" game against Hackensack AT Hackesack. Too bad we don't have a state of the art turf facility at the high school, like our Parks & Rec Master plan recommended…

    When will our BOE get their act together?

  5. turf field ? there a bunch of Girly Men lol

  6. Yeah, whatever happened to playing football in the mud????? Wasnt that a football tradition? My dad, who played high school, college and then semi-pro told me that before his high school games in the 50s, the team had to fan out and pick up the glass off of their field!!! THAT, my friends, was close to being the greatest generation. We are getting soft, people……getting soft.
    Iraqi kids can play soccer with a ball made out of tape or an old tire.

  7. How embarrassing is it to not play at home because the TURF Daddies can’t have their way.

    Give me a break, play it on the grass. What a bunch of weenies, whining about the lack of a turf field.

    You guys are pathetic. That you would stoop so low as to move the game because you want a synthetic field and don’t want to play in the grass when its wet, is pathetic.

    Boo hoo. You act as if football was never played on grass fields.

    Now that you have had your little tantrum to draw attention to your wants, maybe the rest of the village will see you for what you are; selfish and spoiled old high school jocks who think the world revolves around you.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

  8. Atta boy 9:01. Spoken like someone. who has not stepped foot on any kind of playing surface in a high level competitive team sport in the past 15 years (quite possibly never).

    I wonder what type of reaction you would get to that comment from the legendary New Zealand All Blacks (rugby), college football teams at Michigan, Ohio State, USC, Georgia, Nebraska, Illinois, Boston College, Notre Dame, Penn State, Princeton, Rutgers, Syracuse, West Virginia, Navy, Army, Air Force, Oregon, Colorado State (to name a few), all of whom play on FieldTurf, not to mention NFL team like, the Patriots, NY Giants/Jets, Green Bay Packers, Bengals, Colts, Browns, St Louis Rams, Steelers, Chargers, Vikings & Kansas City Chiefs.

    Could your comment be any more absurd or out of touch?

  9. what good would a turf field have done if it was flooded?

  10. Ridgewood won and it didn’t have anything to do with the type of field they played on.

  11. Its not about kids not wanting to play on grass or mud. It’s about if they had played on the soaked muddy field, the field would have been ruined for the rest of the season with ruts and divots and etc, which are safety hazards later when they dry. If it had been turf, it would have been as perfect before the game as after. And if it had been flooded first, it would have drained faster anyway. I don’t see the logic in harkening back to a time when players had to fan out and pick up the glass from their assumed inner city field…why is that somehow better? what a ridiculous post.

  12. I think you people are missing the point. The RHS field is grass and gets used for a handful of games in the fall and a handful of games in the spring. That is it! The fact that that field is THE ONLY field not subject to the cooperative arrangement between the Village and the BOE is one of the main reasons that we have overcrowding on our other fields.

    If the RHS would use that field like any other field, it would not matter whether it is grass or turf. No one is demanding turf because they don’t want to play on grass. They are demanding turf because the powers that be (read Chuck Johnson) don’t want anyone to tear up the grass field.

    By the way, the recommendation to put turf at RHS came from independent consultants hired by the Village to present a 25 year plan for the Village, not residents. Perhaps you should redirect your misinformed/misguided comments. If you want to see “real men” play in the mud, that is fine. Demand that RHS use their football/lacrosse field like any other field in town…6-7 days per week. That will do more to ease overcrowding on fields in town than any other option before the Village today.

  13. RE: “We are getting soft, people……getting soft.


    Son, we have arrived.

  14. 11:49- the field that had glass…it wasn’t inner city, it was Bergen County… at one point it was actually farmland and they had to chase cows off it the field!

  15. The 9:38 poster has to be Demaille….keep peddling that professional nonsense.

    Jim Brown would’ve hit you so hard that you would’ve taken up tennis.

  16. 1:22 PM,

    I read the plan from CMX, the whole thing as a matter of fact.

    Of course they recommend turfing RHS stadium, they where told to do so. Gee, how dumb do you think we are out here. They meet with the fields committee and got their input as to what they wanted before going off and drawing up plans.

    One could pay for a plan and have CMX recommend that we not turf RHS stadium field too.

    As for the divots, are you saying they can’t be fixed, that the field can’t be rolled?

  17. 9:42

    “As for the divots, are you saying they can’t be fixed, that the field can’t be rolled?”

    You are absolutely right. The problem is that Parks and Rec does not perform this basic maintenance. Ruts and divots remain for the entire season because the only maintenance performed is painting the lines and cutting the grass.

  18. what a bunch of jokers. Same fat losers who sit up in the stands and critique the Ridgewood offense, yet wouldnt look Johnson or any other coach in the eye if they were walking down the street.

    If the RHS stadium was a turf facility, not only could the football team use it, but all the other HS teams, from Freshman, JV, to Varsity.

    Does that make sense?

    Take your shots, then when you see Johnson walking by, give a big hello.

    Gutless. And guess what, your kids see the two-faced crap from mommy and daddy, and they are embarassed.

    No. Not a football parent. Not even a turf fan. But all of you chime in, but dont offer a solution. I want my children to be able to use that field for wellness programs and for JV sports. Why doesnt it happen? Because all the posters talk about “turf dads.”

    Get the facts straight or clam up.

  19. re: “As for the divots, are you saying they can’t be fixed, that the field can’t be rolled?”

    Let it Roll Baby Roll

  20. If you look at the Fields and Rec Master Plan and understand what drove some of the recommendations you will understand why the plan calls for “turf” at both Stevens and the “RHS Stadium.” The committee looked at all sports, not just football. The school administrators, coaches and teams are all very interested in playing as many games in as many sports as possible at all levels “on campus.” Currently the various teams play all over the place, some on substandard fields without available restrooms, locker rooms etc… With the lack of room on Stevens and the Stadium Field the best way for this to be accomplished would be to move the track to BF (increase it to 400 meters like every other HS in America) and “turf” both of the fields. The resulting larger space at the HS Stadium will allow both boys and girls soccer and boys and girls lacrosse games at both the varsity and sub varsity levels to play their games on a quality field in a beautiful setting in front of the HS with access to restrooms, locker rooms, and athletic trainers. It would also allow Stevens to be used for more than just football practice as the resulting damage every fall pretty much makes Stevens unusuable for big chunks of the rest of the year.

    There is no way that natural grass would stand up to Varsity, JV, and Freshman games in football, soccer and lacrosse in both boys and girls sports. I think everyone would agree if we had the space and the resources to maintain grass fields to the level they should be maintained we would all choose grass over “turf.” Unfortunately that is not possible with the limited fields controlled by the BOE combined with the number of teams and the number of participants in the various sports and thus “turf” becomes the next option.

  21. Hey Bub (9:03 PM),

    I see Chuck all the time and never hesitate to express an opinion if warranted. I’m not in the least bit intimidated by him or any other coach in this village.

    I don’t give shit about how many championships he’s won. He is a teacher who happens to coach football. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Other than that, he is a husband, dad and Village resident like the rest of us.

  22. Hey Bub:

    I’m quite sure that you talk the talk… but thats about it. Do you pull Coach Johnson aside and tell him what you think of his program? Do you tell him how its unfair that he ties up both the HS stadium and Stevens for his football team? Or, you only bring up things “if its warranted…”

    full of crap. thats you. hot air, and you wouldnt know a football if it was shoved up your fat a…s

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