Change is not always good. And this stinks.

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Some things should remain a tradition. Does any one really care that a tree is cut down, after all a tree that large is very old and is slated to be cut down by its owner. This is what is a called a win, win situation.

I mean really folks, trees grow and die. They are not forever. They are a renewable resource. We grow new tress every day. So, all you tree huggers – get a life.

As for the traffic, give me a break. It is the one day when the village comes together, walks the streets, visiting with neighbors and shop keepers and celebrates the birth of Christ and all that he stood for.

Is the former police captain so concerned about traffic that he is willing to discard tradition for the sake of a few motorists?

This is not why we elected him.


  1. Thanks for the voice of reason!!

  2. Trees…birth of Christ…former police captain…

    Once again, what in Sam Hill are you talking about?

  3. yeah – reference, link, anything?

  4. PJ has a habit of not referencing post lifted from previous threads.

    This is about moving the Christmas tree lighting to Van Neste Square and opening the streets to traffic during the lighting ceremony.

  5. Killion seems to have a list of pet peeves from when he worked in the PD. Leave the CHRISTMAS tree alone and don’t close any roads.

    The town has enough pressing issues without you making them up on their own.

  6. I hope they still close off the roads during the tree lighting.

    It helps the village come together as a community.

  7. We dont need to cut a Christmas tree down every year for this. It is a great idea to plant a tree in the park to use as an annual christmas tree. Close the roads…go ahead, give a a greener tree.

  8. I don’t mind if they want to plant a permanent tree, but why can’t we still have the “downtown for the holidays” tradition and close the street. My family loves walking in the street, visiting with friends, going to shops. If it’s just a tree thing in Van Nest, forget it.

  9. I agree. Leave the tree lighting alone. It’s a perfect piece of Ridgewood tradition.

  10. Ignorant moron….more trees are cut down than installed in this day in age…The tree hugger statement was ignorant at best. I would imagine that you have no understanding of Photosynthesis and the process that provides oxygen. Does a mature tree provide the same as a juvenile tree? FYI Don’t question my credentials…I am a horticulture magor. BTW…I’m not totally believing the global warming thing, but ideas like yours is not what this country needs.

  11. 5:48 PM –

    You seem to really like the words ignorant and moron.

    It’s surprising that ideas like yours is coming from a horticulture magor, seeing as you’re not an ignorant moron.

  12. 5:48 PM,

    A horticultural magor (sic) are you?

    Then that means you are an ignorant young adult still in collage.

    If you study for a few more years you will discover things such as; CT has more trees now than it did in the 1800’s.

    That we plant new trees everyday along with what nature provides on its own.

    Your ignorance is astounding. But that would expected from a child under the influence of college professors.

    Now go plant a pinecone.

  13. Ah there is much that I can say, but I will hold back on. If a typo is your best jumping off point to fight someone in a debate, then that is pretty pathetic. I know that I would prefer to get back to the legitimate issue at hand, but your mentality cannot be beat and choose not to argue this further.

  14. “I hope they still close off the roads during the tree lighting.

    It helps the village come together as a community.

    1:37 PM”

    are you shitting me?
    not everyone in ridgewood is christian?
    wheres the Hanukkah menorah?

  15. Now, now , be nice. This child is a product of today’s universities that teach the student has to feel the subject; be one with the subject; that there is no right answer except the one you feel. If he/she is a magor, then so be it. Who are we to judge?

  16. 438 get off your lazy arse and light your own menorah no one is stopping you but i am not going to celebrate your holiday for you ….

  17. 438 yes and i am going to call your menorah a holiday candle lighting ….

  18. I am surprised and truly disappointed of the intolerance of these postings. It is okay and important to have differing opinions on cutting and planting trees. This impacts everyone in our environment. To spew about this religion versus that religion is sad and unacceptable. Grow up!

  19. One senses a resentment among Christians towards their the Jewish brethren.

    For years, out of the fear that comes with being in the minority, Jews have slowly but surely eradicated all references to anything Christian in the public square in the false belief that this would protect them from a perceived bigotry by the Christian majority.

    The singing of Christmas carols, with any reference to the birth of Christ, have gone the way of Frosty the Snowman in our schools and at the “Holiday Tree Lighting” ceremony.

    This removal, of what is important to Christians, has the exact opposite effect of what the Jews where hoping to avoid. It creates a resentment on the part of Christians towards our fellow brethren and believers in God, the children of Israel.

  20. don’t you think this town, excuse me, village should have a symbol to represent all of holidays? not just one

    You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about because:
    a) menorot (that’s plural of menorah for ya) are lit during Hanukkah, during the winter. It’s autumn now
    b) maybe people don’t want to celebrate YOUR holiday for you…

    do you even know what a menorah is?

    see the candles on the top?

    –a jewish person living in ridgewood

  21. 4:38 –

    I welcome a menorah in town as long as it is joined with a manger and creche adn we call the Christmas tree what it is… a CHRISTMAS tree.

  22. Re: “…your mentality cannot be beat…”


  23. its not a menorah its a holiday candle lighting

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