Brogan Cadillac/Buick of Ridgewood Ceases Operation – Property Will Be Redeveloped As “Mixed Use” Project

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Brogan Cadillac/Buick closed its doors yesterday. The dealership had been a fixture in Ridgewood since 1927. See the full announcement regarding the dealership’s closure here:


The Fly has learned of the Brogan family’s plans to retain full ownership over the former dealership’s property on South Broad Street. It is anticipated that existing structures on the property will be demolished and replaced with those meeting “mixed use development” criteria.

What is mixed-use development?

Mixed-use development is characterized by more than one use in a single building, a single development or neighborhood. An example is a five-story building with shops and stores on the first floor, offices on the second floor and apartments on the fourth and fifth floor. Another example is a residential block with a deli on one corner and a doctor’s office on the other corner.

The objective of mixed-use development is to increase housing opportunities within walking distance of shops, jobs, offices, restaurants, entertainment and cultural centers. By increasing opportunities for pedestrian activity, you reduce reliance on the automobile, reduce traffic congestion and pollution, boost the local economy and improve the feeling of safety and security.

Paradysz Matera

  1. All that property would make a great indoor athletic facility. Basketball, tennis, and even an indoor field could be built there.

    Go Ridgewood. Sell the horse farm and buy the property on Broad St.

  2. Horse farm should be condos. The current proposal for condos on Paramus road should be moved away from Valley.

    If not, keep the fields. Bring in the lights.

  3. There is where the commuter parking should be, but the town will miss another opportunity.

  4. Commuter parking should be at Ken Smith’s location since the Ridgewood bound train station platform will be located north of Franklin Avenue (thank you Mr. Harlow).

  5. Ken smiths has been there for years. why would you expect a long time business to move for the convenience of you people who just moved here. give me a break

  6. To 7:45 –

    Yes, 12:40 thinks so, since 12:40 is amongst a number of growing Ridgewood residents who are socialist leaning in their thoughts, opinions and actions.

    And why not.

    The schools are indoctrinating the kids in a soft-socialist ideology so why is it surprising when people make remarks like that?

  7. good point 2.22 this town has lost many of the old time ridgewood residents to its detriment. part of the character here is the families with long lineage that contributed to what Ridgewood is today..for all to enjoy..new arrivals and old..unfortunately the new arrivals with their big mouths bitching about ‘holiday season’ and trying to force out generations strong businesses for their own convenience have done their part to destroy part of the village charm. soon this place will be nothing but transplanted newyorkers with their range rovers and never ending social climbing..

  8. and most of these newbie social climbers are Wall Streeters who wont have the extra $$$$ now..

  9. There is old Ridgewood and new Ridgewood.

    I liked old Ridgewood better. Too bad we are being forced out of town by incompetents and left wing socialists transplanted from the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


  11. what a sham .well that would be a nice place for a go go bar.

  12. You folks could always move to Ho-Ho-Kus. The town of Ho-ho-kus so DESPERATELY wants to be Ridgewood, it’s not even funny.

    Could they just pay extra taxes and be called Ridgewood North? It would make the town MUCH easier to live in, knowing that they were finally a part of Ridgewood.

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