Surprise, Surprise! Council set to approve Bolger’s request for a “Major Soil Movement Permit”

In Uncategorized on September 25, 2008 at 4:46 pm

On October 8th, Village Council members are expected to unanimously approve real estate tycoon David Bolger’s request for a “Major Soil Movement Permit” in conjunction with his planned construction of a 62,000 square foot self-storage facility on Chestnut Street.

Approval of the permit was recommended by members of the Planning Board.


  1. Isn’t that ALREADY approved at the VC meeting last night (Sep.24) ??

    “7. Discussion Items:

    j. Resolution to Approve Major Soil Permit, Block 2005 Lot 3

  2. Formal approval is expected on 10/8. Just discussion last night.

  3. Surprise! Surprise!

    The nattering nabobs of negativism find a reason to complain about a generous philanthropist.

  4. Surprise! Surprise!

    Intellectually challenged 3:35 resorts to using tired, canned sound bytes in a desperate attempt to appear relevant and intelligent.

  5. 4:14… I LOVE you!

  6. No good deed goes unpunished by the ungrateful in this town.

  7. Has the village contacted the Bergen County Soil Conservation District? A Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Certification is required prior to the start of any project that disturbs more than 5,000 square feet. This includes Demolition of one or more structures and any associated soil disturbance of more than 5000 square feet. This property abuts NJ Transit. Will the retaining walls that keep the tracks from falling onto Bolgers property be affected by this soil move? How will this affect drainage in the area? What sort of restoration is included in his request, you can’t just move soil, there must be a restoration plan.

    Finally, why does it take residents 9 months to get approval to move minimal amount of soil and Bolger get his without answering to the County?

  8. Has anyone every heard of an OPRA request and maybe just once before posting here someone would do the research and stop shoving feet into their mouth and start posting facts instead of speculation. The blog is great to keep up to date, but shitty for speculation and people talking out of their back sides.

  9. 5:36… I LOVE you too honey!

  10. if pj told you what was going on it wouldnt be a secret

  11. all you need to know is its DIRTY and its a SECRET get it lol


  13. I did see a photo of him holding a shovel somewhere lately…all that money to get dirty!

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