Speed Table Approved for South Broad Street

In Uncategorized on September 25, 2008 at 2:42 pm

Village Council members last night approved the installation of a rubberized speed table on South Broad Street.

The device will resemble those installed on Doremus Avenue in Glen Rock, near the Glen Rock Recycling Center.

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  1. they should also install one on Linwood Ave, before the intersection with Northern Pkwy. Lots of children going to sports events, high school teens, adults exercising, etc use this crossing and the cars just fly by them..

  2. Another bad idea. Just give out tickets to speeders until drivers take the hint.

  3. another stupid idea.. wait till someone gets thrown off a motorcyle and sues the town.. also..HOW the &#( is the street dept supposed to PLOW the snow with that dopey looking hump in the street (PS>.i noticed glen rock REMOVED their dopey hump on glen ave down the st from their post office)

  4. another stupid waste of money ,this is as dumb as those drive 25 signs ….

  5. Ticket, ticket, ticket — that’s the way to get drivers to slow down.

  6. lets apply the sign ordinance to the stupid drive 25 signs. they are not political and they are DUMB.. just as dumb as those plastic ‘slow kids’ things idiots put in the street.. HELLO??? WHY are you morons allowing your kids to play in a STREET??? dont we have enough soccer fields and parks for biff and buffy?

  7. This is just overkill. Oh, I forgot the numerous accidents from speeding (virtually none) and deaths (virtually none) along that road that simply must be stopped.

  8. That is great, we need many more speed humps on all of the roads leading into the center of town

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