Overnight Parking at Ridgewood Train Station Will Be Banned

In Uncategorized on September 25, 2008 at 4:41 pm

Village Council members will soon enact an ordinance that bans overnight parking at the Ridgewood train station.

Overnight parking by local apartment dwellers is said to interfere with the availability of early morning parking for commuters.

Overnight parkers in the area will be instead directed to parking spaces situated in “The Hole,” which is located at the west end of East Ridgewood Avenue, just west of North/South Broad Street.

  1. so do they want to encourage people to se mass transit or what ….

  2. Aren’t apartment dwellers residents of Ridgewood too! I feel badly for the folks at 20 Garber Square. First they lost the overnight parking in the bank when Tarvin bought the buidling then the police took over the on street parking when they moved to Pease and now they cannot even park overnight at the lot across the street. I don’t live there now but I did many years ago before all of the above mentioned activity took place and it was tough then. No, I wasn’t paying taxes directly but through my rent. Is no one sticking up for those folks?

  3. well…where do the tenants of the big buidling @ franklin/maple park??

  4. There’s a limited number of spots in that lot for those of us that commute. People in the apartments buildings should not take up any of those valuable spaces.

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