Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony to be Relocated

In Uncategorized on September 25, 2008 at 4:42 pm

At the insistence of Deputy Mayor Keith Killion, a plan to move the Village’s annual holiday tree lighting ceremony to Van Neste Park has been revitalized.

A live tree will be planted within the park, which will eliminate the requirement for street closures and the need to cut a tree down every year.

Village Manager James Ten Hoeve advised Council members that this new plan would pay for itself in just two (2) years by cutting associated tree removal costs, transportation costs/logistics, and personnel overtime. It would also result in Ridgewood Avenue and North and South Broad Streets remaining open for the free flow of traffic. It is not known whether Van Neste Square would be closed for the event.

  1. Dumb idea!!

  2. About Time….

    and maybe that long awaited Gazebo with a Holiday Band and Choralers singing could be there and set the mood. Hot Cider and other festive foods. It good be great.

    Yes… it’s the right move.. Opens up Ridgewood Ave for business.
    Thanks Jim…

  3. “dumb idea” you say…

    Why, because it wasn’t yours
    Mr. “humbug” Scrooge….?

  4. Dumb idea? How so? Kill a tree every single year for the village purpose? This is a far superior idea to plant a tree for permanent use.

  5. They will need a pretty large live tree.

  6. 2:51
    SO, they plant it and it stays alive.

    It will cost a lot to get, transport and plant.

    This will be a nice addition to the center of town during the holidays.

  7. across the street from the White House is the National Christmas tree, which is a live tree that is decorated eah year and lit by the President….if it is good enough for Washington…why not Ridgewood.

    saw it with my own eyes…..

  8. Good luck finding a 75 ft. live tree. Plus the cost to plant it.

  9. What the F is a Holiday tree and a Holiday Band?

  10. “At the insistence of Deputy Mayor Keith Killion…”

    When did we switch to a Mayor-Council form of government (or a dictatorship)?

    I thought we were a Faulkner Council-Manager government where the mayor is a titular council head with no real power.

  11. This idea just killed the attraction of the entire tree lighting ceremony.

    It was a thrill to walk the street and walk into all of the shops that you might not have had the time of knowledge of their extistence. The mingling of residents and the holiday cheer were palpable. Now it’s traffic as usual.

  12. where my quaanza bush at

  13. Re: “A permanent Christmas Tree? Doesn’t that violate separation of church and state?

    The secularists are going to go crazy.”

    Do you pay this much attention to everything else in your life or are you just mentally challenged?

    Understand this…

    This is a victory FOR the secularists.

    This IS NOT a Christmas Tree.

    But you must already know that since you live in Ridgewood… fast becoming the PC/Secularist flash point of Bergen County, racing as fast as it can to become the first full-blown openly socialist town in the county.

  14. I think Keith is right on! I love the idea of a live tree and a better taffic situation. Thanx again Keith for another great idea. From your lips to the council’s ears!!!

  15. Killion still thinks he’s a captain!!

  16. 3:56….completely possible…I know many that work for tree moving companies…not a problem

  17. Wasn’t the tree last year donated?

  18. “Wasn’t the tree last year donated?”

    The trees were always donated, but the Village Shade Tree Department always cut them down and transported them to the CBD.

  19. While I don’t like the idea of cutting down a tree every year — I will really, really miss seeing the lit tree from W. Ridgewood Avenue over by South Hillside/Westside Pres. Church. It is a beautiful view for those who enjoy holiday lights and I have enjoyed it since 1971.

  20. The star on the tree was snuffed out halfway through the holiday season last year. (I’m still waiting to learn of the events leading to this decision/neglectful non-decision.)

    I don’t know what kind of tree Mr. Killion is referring to, but without a star on top, I suppose it won’t be a Christmas tree.

  21. Change is not always good. And this stinks.

    Some things should remain a tradition. Does any one really care that a tree is cut down, after all a tree that large is very old and is slated to be cut down by its owner. This is what is a called a win, win situation.

    I mean really folks, trees grow and die. They are not forever. They are a renewable resource. We grow new tress every day. So, all you tree huggers – get a life.

    As for the traffic, give me a break. It is the one day when the village comes together, walks the streets, visiting with neighbors and shop keepers and celebrates the birth of Christ and all that he stood for.

    Is the former police captain so concerned about traffic that he is willing to discard tradition for the sake of a few motorists?

    This is not why we elected him.

  22. This is the stupidest idea I have heard from the new administration since they tried to embarrass Mr. Bolger.

  23. This is a great idea! The tree at the railroad used to be in the middle of what is now a parking lot. Now it’s crammed into the little corner area and although it’s donated costs megabucks for transport and police escort. Good forward thinking.

  24. You cannot take the name of my holiday tradition away. Christmas Trees have been a tradition for 1,000 years.

    Start your own tradition if you don’t like it – don’t try to change mine.

  25. 3:41 –

    re: “…across the street from the White House is the National Christmas tree…”

    That is the national CHRISTMAS TREE, but over her in PC Socialist Ridgewood, we call it a HOLIDAY TREE.

    Please get your facts straight.

  26. 5:03 –


    Wasn’t it also nice to be able to see the tree as you walk up Ridgewood avenue.

    Also the tree was visible from both the east side and the west side of town, now it will only be able to be seen from the east side of town.


  28. This is an example of pathetically bad and overreaching government. Killion and Ten Hoeve have quashed a Ridgewood tradition for all of the reasons mentioned previously. One by one, the moments that made Ridgewood a special place are being chipped away. What a really stupid idea these men have foisted upon us. Please reconsider the action.


  30. Maybe Rockefeller centre should move the tree ceremony to Central Park

  31. Rock Center (a private corporation) pays for all costs associated with their tree. No taxpayer monies are used.

    Killion is right; it's time to cut back and save money & trees.

  32. here’s an idea… a compromise, plant a live “christmas tree” next to the hole. both sides of town can continue to enjoy the views. it will save money. ex. man hours transporting, no more property damage from wires being pulled from homes transporting and hours spent cutting down the tree. maybe the tree lighting can be done on saturday’s instead of friday’s when it disrupts rush hour traffic. it’s an event enjoyed by thousands so i believe its worth the expense. it is by far the best holiday tree, christmas tree or whatever the politically correct name tree lighting in the surrounding area.

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