Were unfavorable public comments deliberately suppressed during last week’s Village Council meeting?

In Uncategorized on September 18, 2008 at 12:41 pm

Wasn’t it strange that the sound system failed during last week’s Village Council meeting just prior to a Bogert Road resident stepping up to the microphone with a scathing complaint about a Village fire inspector? The system worked just fine for the speaker who followed him.

The Fly knows for sure that a podium microphone “on/off” switch is located within easy reach of the Mayor’s chair.

Was the switch deliberately thrown to ensure that no negative comments were picked up by the sound system, associated recording equipment, and cable TV broadcast devices?

What next Mr. Mayor? An approved list of those taxpayers authorized to make public comments?

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  1. The VC doesn’t dare try to silence Boyd Blather…

  2. That is a serious charge… will somebody investigate further…. and provide an explaination?

    Village Clerk and or Village Manager should confirm or deny.

    Is it ths same as tampering with a public record?

  3. best conspiracy theory of the day!

  4. you all are paranoid freeks-
    Even if the sound cuts out and the tv doesnt pick up the comment-
    BY LAW- the village clerk will incorporate any and all comments made during the public comments for the minutes- which by the way are permanent- She takes notes throughout the entire proceeding just in case the technology fails-
    Just wait for the minutes

  5. Re: “you all are paranoid freeks-“


    ALL of us?

    Looks like you’re the one pushing conspiracy theories now…

  6. Maybe to make the speaker feel better he can write down what he said (50 words or less) and post them on this blog. He can do it in all caps to make it seem like he is shouting.

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