Back Taxes for Blend

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Blend, the Ridgewood restaurant that closed after its license was seized by the state, had deeper troubles than just back taxes.

The restaurant filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation with owner Lorie Montenigro indicating the business owed more than $4 million to creditors, not counting more than $20,000 owed to the Internal Revenue Service and $21,000 owed to the State of New Jersey for back sales tax.

The restaurant, which had a lively bar scene and featured a number of musical acts each week, closed a month ago after the state seized its liquor license, but trouble had begun earlier in the year. The filing indicates that Montenegro had not paid the $25,000 monthly rent as far back as April.

Montenigro has not returned e-mails and phone messages left at business addresses. Her home telephone number according to public records searches has been disconnected.

Among the creditors:

Allied Beverage, a soft drink supplier: $27,836.51.
Apple Chase Investors: $310,000.
Barry Josten, who is listed in media accounts as being a co-owner: $350,000.
Chris Shields, a contractor, $2.1 million.
Federal Wine & Liquors: $15,642.85
Milenia Mortgage: $56,000.
Sysco: $23,339.
Ultimate Seafoods: $5,126.
Wholesale Food Equipment: $88,565.
Montenigro also lists herself as a creditor due $250,000.

As we’ve reported earlier, Blend’s liquor license will be auctioned to the public at a date to be determined — the first public auction of a liquor license in the village, which has only one license for every 10 restaurants.

The auction was expected to be this month, but Blend’s bankruptcy filing means the auction won’t be scheduled until after a trustee has been appointed by bankruptcy court.

The entire filing can be found here.

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  1. thanks for the interesting post. hopefully one of our deep pocketed residents will pick up the peices and see if this can be reopened as a viable business.

  2. Now the housewives of the Village will have to find some other venue for evening entertainment.

  3. I wonder how Ed Sullivan is fairing through all of this- I though he was the owner of the building and the licquor license?????????

  4. is it true that she and her boyfriend own a bar in river edge?

  5. Montenigro blamed all of her troubles on lack of a parking garage. What nerve.

  6. Lack of good entertainment and food is more to blame.

    Went once and never went back.

  7. Maybe the math didn’t add up…
    I guessing Montenigro is a TERC graduate.

  8. How can I get on the list?
    I was overcharged for drinks there!!

  9. re 8:53 I dont know for certain but BEEMERS on Kinderkamack Rd in River Edge closed at the same time for similar reasons-

    I smell a connection

  10. wow… Beemers had been open for much longer than Blend.

  11. Looks like Chris Shields had alot of faith in Blend…….$2 Big Ones……now thats committment.

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