BOE Website and BOE eNews Errata

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BOE Website and BOE eNews Errata

Regardless of what you might read on the BOE’s website, or in their latest eNewsletter, Demarest Street is NOT being renamed “Barbara Schineller Way.” Village Council members agreed to dedicate Demarest Street to the former Orchard School teacher, who retired last year, but the street will still officially be known as Demarest Street.

A brown & white “Barbara Schineller Way” sign will be erected above the existing Demarest Street sign to commemorate the honor granted to Ms. Schineller. However, to avoid Demarest Street residents from being burdened by expenses associated with changing numerous legal documents, Village Council members wisely chose to retain the street’s existing name.

The Varian Fry Way/North Monroe Street dedication was handled in the exact same fashion.

This is the BOE’s press release:

Village Street to be Named For Retired Teacher

Come Wednesday, September 17, one of Ridgewood’s streets will have a new name. Demarest Street, outside Orchard School, will be renamed “Barbara Schineller Way” in honor of the beloved teacher who taught at Orchard School for over 40 years. Ms. Schineller retired at the end of the past school year. The sign’s public unveiling will be held on Wednesday at 3:15 p.m. The public is invited, and former Orchard School family members are particularly encouraged to attend.


  1. Funny how the people who make the signs got the name wrong of Demarest Street on the new sign.

    Instead of it being “Demarest Street” the new sign reads “Demarest Place.”

  2. best pedantic post of the day!

  3. anonymous 5:06 –


    How would you like it if I misspelled your name as “lacking individuality 5:06 PM”?
    I don’t think you’d find others correcting me to be pedantic.

    BTW… I know you like using the word pedantic (God knows you use it often enough), but it isn’t really applicable in your comment.

    Try broadening your vocabulary…
    While not perfect for the actual situation, the terms Tedious, Picayune, Trivial, or others would have better conveyed your derision of 6:09’s perfectly legitimate and useful comment.

  4. How do you ask questions on this blog?? Can you post a how-to??

    question: what is the story behind the “barbara’s crossing” sign that was just put up at linwood and fairfield???

  5. They made a new sign and got the name of the street WRONG. They order a new cupola and got the design COMPLETELY WRONG.

    After drowning cars and allowing young unplanted trees to simply die behind a building, one has to wonder: What is wrong with our village government?

  6. Hey, hey, hey. This is not about YOU. This is about Barbara, a wonderful teacher who taught math her way against all odds and was beloved at Orchard.

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