All this commotion is overblown and unwise.

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Let’s see the principal and gym teacher knew the young man and said he was not a threat and was only there to apologize to a teacher he had years ago.

Now, we all know he is not playing with a full deck. However, the police version is strangely different than the one given by school personnel.

One tends to believe the school principal in this case. He was there the whole time.

All this commotion is overblown and unwise. It stirs up controversy were none exists and diminishes our quality of life by its over reactive responses, i.e. the security guard.


  1. I agree. This was not a person who was a threat. It is a person who felt threatened.

  2. My son attends BFMS. He saw the “intruder” and watch him being taken away by the police and cared for and accompanied by Mr. Stroker. He understands that this person is ill and needs help. He did not feel threatened that day nor any day before or after. The situation was handled well by those in charge of it (Mssrs. Orsini, Tashian, Stroker, et al).

    The placement of a security guard at BFMS has, however, shaken him and made him feel insecure.

    Do I, as a BFMS parent think this is overkill? Yes. Without a doubt. Do I want additional securit at BFMS? No.

    This is a sad and unfortunate situation for this young man and his family.

  3. 8:00 is right. These security measures are a waste of money and only make our kids much more scared of the world than they need to be. If someone wants to do something crazy we can’t stop it. Fortunately the chances are exceedingly slim. I fondly remember when we could walk into the schools at will to drop off lunch, or stop to see a teacher. We don’t need intercoms or locked doors. We don’t need security guards. Stop the madness now.

  4. i know this kid who did it. he was never really quite all there. but i dont think he would actually hurt anyone. this is another example of ridgewood wasting my tax dollars by hiring security. when i was a student at GW, hell we didnt have any sort of “security”, and we all turned out okay. by the way this site is genius, i just found it today. i am a life time ridgewood resident. i will be posting some fun videos lol or something soon. keep up the great work!

  5. If he wasn’t a threat why were the police called by three seperate teachers?

  6. 7:41 am – they called the police because they realized that HE (not they) needed help. Mr. Orsini has been very clear on this point. The police took him to a HOSPITAL; they did not lock him up. Yes, they charged him criminally because, technically, his trespass and statements were criminal acts. The courts will resolve this issue at his hearing.

  7. Great, a court hearing which is a waste of our tax dollars to determine if he broke the law “technically.”

    Why don’t we hire off-duty police officers to guard all of our schools? What could it cost us, another 750k a year? Just another drop in the bucket when considering the 86.5 million dollar budget.

  8. 8:54 AM –

    The issue is not HIM…

    The issue is that someone gained access to the school when the security plan in place was intended to keep him out.

    The decision to place a full time security guard in BF is a knee-jerk overreaction by the BOE/school. Likewise, the calls to eliminate ALL security procedures are similar in their overreaction.

    A more reasonable approach to this security breach would be to review the existing Security procedures, identify the gaps and make some MINOR adjustments and FINE TUNING to them in an ONGOING effort to IMPROVE them while maintaining the most open and welcoming school environment possible.

    It would have been refreshing if a rational metered approach was taken in response to this event, but alas it was just business as usual.

  9. All this “penny wise and pound foolish” chatter about school security is nauseating. We’re talking about our kids’ safety. Let’s not wait until a Columbine incident happens before improving the security procedures and systems at our schools.

  10. “Let’s not wait until a Columbine incident happens before improving the security procedures and systems at our schools.” 10:04 AM

    Oh, good grief, why don’t we wrap our kids in bubble-wrap. This way if they fall, we will have insured that they are not to be bruised.

  11. Columbine? I think your paranoia can be treated with some therapy and medication.

  12. Parents need to work- not worry or blog all day. Stay at home mom and dads need to find something better to do with their time.

    Columbine? Why don’t we worry more about how our kids treat one another and interact with their peers rather than being critical of our school’s response to these situations.

  13. Columbine?
    Interact with their peers?

    How about we focus on teaching them MATH?

  14. I find the statment “We don’t need intercoms or locked doors. We don’t need security guards” a bit out of touch. Every office building I have very worked at (in both urban and suburban settings) had intercoms, locked doors and uniformed security people. My college had the same, as well as armed police.
    The year is 2008 and Ridgewood in located in the real world. Our teachers should deal with education and not double as security.

  15. No one is saying “Let’s focus on security instead of teaching math.”

    As the kids say these days, “Like, duh.” So stop making these asinine strawman arguments.

    No doubt, the people in Columbine, and at the Amish school in Pennsylvania, and at Virginia Tech — all of them said “It can’t possibly happen here”. Until it did happen there.

  16. This is typical Ridgewood….money matters over anything else..what is a $40,000 annual salary divided among taxpayers for a security guard? I would think that safety should be the theme of 2009 for this town.

  17. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Sound familar. I didn’t originate it but the person who did knew alot about fear’s capacity to immobilize the populus. Fear also causes the police to overreact in harmless situations. I hope the kid’s parents have enough money for a lawyer, otherwise the criminal justice system may eat him up and spit him out. I’m sure that he is a lot more traumatized than anyone else at this point in time.

  18. This is the thinking of the typical Ridgewood Parent…”it will never happen here because Ridgewood is a safe town” Well guess what, Someone got into the school un noticed. Imagine if he had a gun?? We live in times where security is necessary whether we like it or not. This incident should be a wake up call to all of you. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE!!! And if something had happened to a child….you would all be complaining that there was no security and the school did nothing to prevent it.

  19. and what sort of environment does that create? It doesn’t promote an environment conducive to learning. This is Ridgewood – not some inner city school district. Things happen, but are we overblowing the threat?

  20. As the kids say these days, “Like, duh.””

    Is that when they are asked to write about their favorite number?
    (and they drop the “like”?)

  21. And we should follow the Amish example. They forgave and moved on. Not as easy as it sounds, they have to struggle to forgive each and every day. They didn’t sacrifice their way of life to fear.

  22. This is Ridgewood – not some inner city school district.

    Columbine, the Amish shooting, and the Virginia Tech shooting — none of these tragedies occured in inner cities. So let’s drop the false safety of “Ridgewood isn’t the inner cities.”

  23. It isn’t over reacting to have a plan in place that everyone knows about. I have heard that there was none and now there will be. Almost always, things work out but for the few times when a threat may be real, time is of the essence and there is little time to think, just act. When everyone is knowledgeable about what that action plan is, we have done all we can do to protect our school population.

  24. “This is Ridgewood – not some inner city school district.”

    Hey, we’re certainly treated like one by Regina B.

  25. What about the other 6 elementary schools, GW and the high school. My kid goes to Travell-so when the next crazy realizes that BF now has a guard at the front door all he has to do is walk 1 block over and come into Travell.

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