Property Taxes Would Increase $56 per Year for New Athletic Complex

In Uncategorized on September 11, 2008 at 12:02 pm

At the direction of Deputy Mayor Keith D. Killion, Village Manager James Ten Hoeve and Village CFO Dorothy Stikna recently performed a cost analysis related to the proposed construction of a new athletic field complex on West Saddle River Road.

During last night’s Village Council meeting, Ten Hoeve revealed that property taxes on an “average” home in Ridgewood would increase $56 per year in connection with the planned initiative. This assumes a property purchase price of approximately $4 million, with $2 million in grant money coming from Bergen County. Construction costs are now estimated in the $2 – $2.5 million range.


  1. how much will the town lose in revenue if this property is removed from the tax rolls..=what is the current tax bill paid by this property. is the $56 per year per property based on acquisition and build ONLY….and NOT the extra $$$$$ each property will pay to make up for the LOST revenue.. sounds like fuzzy math to me…AGAIN

  2. The $56 includes lost tax revenue (that according to a statement made last night by Ten Hoeve).

  3. This is not a recommended purchase. Those “waters” of ballfields … do not produce Village revenue… Keith … should follow the original advice of the Village Manager. He has got to learn how to function as a councilmean, not like an old commissioners of the past that screwed things up regularly.

  4. not worth it.

  5. How much will it cost all of us in increased school costs???? And increased infrastructure costs? If open space were such a burden on the taxpayer, then the taxes in Ridgewood would be low, since we have so few large open spaces. So why aren’t our taxes low?????

  6. every time a parcel is removed from the tax rolls the bills of others have to go up to replace the lost revenue. nice to have open space but someones gotta pay for it

  7. If you check tax records, I believe that property consists of 3 lots. Total real taxes paid is about $35,000 prior to last assessment.

  8. We don’t need it. VooDoo accounting at its best.

  9. How much would the privately operated parking garage and retail stores along with Bolger’s new storage facility (that your Buddy Killion is opposing) add to the Village’s revenue? There is no comparison. This is a no brainer to preserve this open land. Do it!

  10. Let that property go to the tax rolls … it will produce income. More ball fields do not solve problems it just adds to them.

    … Stop wasting time on this dumb purchase…

  11. we need ratables. period. screw the soccer fields. your kids should go get a job instead of you spoiling them..ooooh wait…i forget..you ‘tree huggers’ want to ‘preserve the view’ of RT 17… lets see…dump trucks…tanker trucks..buses and cars… this ‘view’ and ‘open space’ needs to be preserved…YOU ARE DELUSIONAL

  12. Ratables…. that assumes what… condos? Great… figure out the real estate taxes… get your ratables. Then figure out how much the school budget will go up. Subtract that. Now tell me what you have left? Not much at best. More likely, you’ve got a deficit.
    Once open space is gone.. its gone forever. Dont care if you want open space, ballfields, etc…
    The Village budget is bloated and its a mess. This wont push it over the top, folks.

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