Reader asks, so how was the first week of school?

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“How was everyone’s 1st week of school? I would love (I hope I don’t regret this!) to hear thoughts”

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  1. Got the first taste of connected math at BF middle school with my 6th grader, this is totally trash. “what is your favorite number”, “describe it’s properties”. As my 6th grader said “when are we going to start doing math?”

    Going from a good traditional program to this trash is unbelieveable.

  2. It sucks, I got the two worst teachers in the GW.
    I hope I make it to HS next year.

  3. School is great…six more weeks until the first lacrosse practice !

  4. 8:44 AM –

    Pop Quiz:
    Where is the LAX Hall of Fame located?

  5. First week.. great!! Kids in school, can shop without them, and have a little peace and quiet…

    Oh it’s so grand..

  6. 7:42 – welcome to my world. I’ve got an 8th grader who’s been subjected to the CMP2 rollout.

    On a more serious note – – now that your child had a reform math program and you’ve seen a reform math program, do you think that the most effective way of getting people to realize how weak this math is is to put in in their hands? I cannot understand the apathy in Ridgewood when it comes the the reform math issue. I believe it’s becasue most parents do not truly understand the lack of content. Do you find this now to be true? What struck you most about the math program being spoon fed to your child?

    Thanks for your input.

  7. My kids loved going back to school in one of the great public school districts in the country!

    11:43 – Baltimore (near Johns Hopkins)

  8. I do not understand why teachers ask HS students to do collages, waste of time….

  9. No one knows the answer to the 8:44 question.
    To busy shopping I guess.

  10. My 6th grader loves BF!

  11. Anyone know what happened with respect to the intruder today at BFMS? As he was known to staff, what’s the story? Non-custodial parent? Teacher with a Protective Order against a boyfriend? Any active threat?

    In any case, good work Mr. Orsini and staff.

  12. Former student. He has mental health issues and it was handled extremely well by the staff members involved.

  13. I think the alleged intruder’s rights were violated. He should sue for the appropriate “-ism” and of course for emotional distress, et. al.

    BTW, does anyone know how may crisis counselors were rushed to the scene to work with the kids and staff? Do you know the number of the 24 hour toll free hotline that was set up?


  14. 3:22

    From The Record…

    Man enters school threatening to kill children
    Monday, September 8, 2008
    Last updated: Monday September 8, 2008, EDT 4:20 PM
    An 23-year-old unemployed man was arrested after carrying a pointed stick into a Ridgewood school this morning and threatening to kill children, police said.

    A female staffer stopped Joseph Piepul as he walked through Benjamin Franklin Middle School wielding the stick around 8:30 a.m., said Ridgewood Detective William Hemmer. He apparently had entered through the front door, the detective said.

    Principal Anthony Orsini and two male staffers “quickly isolated” Piepul while police were called, school officials said.

    “He had no contact with children. He was in the hallway when classes had begun,” Hemmer said. “The staffer noticed him walking through, that he didn’t belong.”

    When she asked what he was doing there, Piepul replied in passing that he was there to kill children, the detective said.

    Piepul, who once attended the school and is known to staffers there, was taken to Bergen Regional Medical Center for evaluation. He is charged with making terroristic threats, criminal trespass, possession of a weapon for unlawful purpose, and resisting arrest. His bail is $50,000.

    Schools Superintendent Daniel Fischbein sent a letter to parents today explaining the circumstances.

    “The intruder was quickly isolated by the principal and two staff members while police were called,” Fishbein wrote. “Police responded immediately, restrained the intruder, took him into custody and removed him from the property.

    “Although some students may have witnessed police activity, no children came in contact with the intruder….[The] safety of our students and staff is our primary concern,” the superintendent added.

  15. Can anyone describe what the intruder at BFMS looked like?

  16. 3:12, your 6th grader may love the school, but have you looked at his/her math book? I think if people take the time and look at the math workbook that is brought home they would be horrified. This is clearly not math and as I quoted my 6th grader, “when are we actually going to do some math problems? Writing about numbers is not math.

    I had a conversation with aanother parent last week and we agreed that if people actually saw this “math” workbook in the spring, the lightbulbs would have gone on rather quickly.

  17. 1:03- you need a life (or a job outside of your home)

    A mom of 3

  18. BTW, does anyone know how may crisis counselors were rushed to the scene to work with the kids and staff?

    BTW, does anyone know how to take a school security incident and use it instantly for lame-o ax-grinding?


    Did he just waltz in, what happened to the scanners or other security stuff we paid a lot of $$ for?

  20. 5:44 PM –

    Don’t worry… The crisis counselors are a-commin’ (if they aren’t there already).

  21. & the trite ax-grinding continues…

  22. 8:17

    Yes. As a matter of fact, he just waltzed in. The best security device we have to protect children was in place yesterday and it worked perfectly; dedicated, trained adults who knew something was wrong and acted immedicately. Scanners? Not.

  23. 6:54
    You missed the point–what if he had a gun and got in. The dedicated staff of trained adults could be all dead or wounded.

    He should not have gotten into the school without forcing his way in.

    WAKE UP, these are crazy times with lots of copy cats.

    We need to PREVENT something like this, not react after the fact.

  24. 6:54 AM –

    Maybe next time he’ll have a gun and then will you think the system worked perfectly when dedicated, trained adults who knew something was wrong and acted immediately and got shot to death?

    I’m glad everything worked out, but the system has room for improvement – he shouldn’t have gotten into the building.

    Be glad that no one was hurt this time, but don’t stick your head in the ground and think that everything is perfect. There is always room for improvement and using (not solely relying on) technology to ensure a safe school environment is smart and responsible.

  25. As a matter of fact, he walked in while the doors were still unlocked in the morning. The doors have to be unlocked for a little while to let kids enter school. Everything worked perfectly yesterday.

  26. 8:28
    Does this guy look like a middle school student?
    Maybe staff should be posted by the unlocked doors so as to keep strange ADULTS out.

    Things worked out, yesterday, for the good.
    Like someone just said-get your head out of the sand, everything was not perfect yesterday, there is always room for improvement.

  27. 8:28 –

    Well OK then… Problem solved.
    He walked in with the kids. Can’t do anything about that. Can’t figure out any way to filter out the undesirables while letting in the kids. Nope.

    Your everything worked perfectly “defense” of the school system by pointing out the “logic” that “he came in with the kids” is mistaking an EXPLANATION of a PROBLEM for a DEFENSE of a SYSTEM.

    Are you that stupid or naive?

    Don’t you see that this incident exposed FLAWS in the system and showed AREAS FOR IMPROVMENT? It also showed that the current system while not perfect did work in this instance, but needs to be modified to perform better in the future.

    Do you not want to improve the system?

    No one is saying that the school did anything wrong. In fact they appear to have done many things right. Does this mean (to you) that we have a perfect system?
    Do you think that there can be NO improvements?

  28. Too bad citizens are prohibited from carrying firearms.

    How many people would waltz around making threats if they knew that ordinary folks might just be packing?

    Come, come now, no howls of protest. The facts speak for themselves. Compare violent crime rates between the states that allow concealed weapons and those that prohibit it.

    Facts are stubborn things aren’t they?

  29. You know, I work at BF, and no one I spoke to said he made threats. In fact, they said he accused of of “killing young girls.” I also heard that it was not a sharpened wood stick, but a drumstick that he had. No metal detector in the world would detect that! We cannot simply lock every door in every school. That being said, this morning, I did see staff posted at various entrances, checking to see that only kids were entering, with an occasional parent. How much further do we need to take it?

  30. 3:24 PM –

    Re: “We cannot simply lock every door in every school. That being said, this morning, I did see staff posted at various entrances, checking to see that only kids were entering, with an occasional parent. How much further do we need to take it?”

    I don’t recall anyone proposing locking every door.

    Maybe posting staff at various entrances is as far as we need to take it, but if this is the right solution, then it needs to be implemented all the time and not just for the next few days.

    So how long do you think that the staff will man the doors before the teachers start complaining to their union reps?

  31. 5:15- at the high school, it is not the teaching staff that man the entrances and the parking areas, it is hired security guards, contracted through the BOE. Why should BF teachers have to take on that duty? Don’t they have enough to do as it is? I want them actually planning and teaching my kids…not acting as a security guard.

  32. 8:38 – if teachers are teaching cmp2, then I would rather have them acting as security guards. they can inflict much less damage on kids that way.

  33. Connected Math: Writing about a special number connects the number to: prime #s, composite #s,
    perfect #s, deficient #s, abundant #s, square #s, factors, multiples, divisors, proper factors, quotients, dividends, products, exponents, order of operations, and divisibility rules. It takes time to see the value of each activity.

  34. 9:49- Thats all well and good, but to my 6th grader, who really needs more specific instructions, wrote that his favorite football player wears that number. Is that educational? Give a kid something “creative” to do like that, and the BS will come out instead of anythign truly meaty.

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