Ridgewood to Retain Civil Service System

In Uncategorized on September 5, 2008 at 2:20 pm

Following a Wednesday night discussion led by Deputy Mayor Keith D, Killion, Village Council members have decided not to support legislation that would allow a municipality currently participating in the State’s Civil Service System to opt out.

Killion commented that the Civil Service System has worked very well in ensuring the quality of Ridgewood’s public safety personnel. He cited instances of questionable police department promotions in nearby non Civil Service System communities and suggested this could happen if Ridgewood were to drop Civil Service.

Although Village Manager James Ten Hoeve said that he was frequently frustrated by the rather bureaucratic Civil Service process, particularly related to disciplinary actions, the system has served Ridgewood well. He echoed Killion’s comments regarding Ridgewood’s high quality public safety staff and fair, non-politically driven promotional policies.

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  1. I hate unions. They are socialist and defy human nature with their collectivist mentality.

  2. 2:225 lol thats because you are jeleous that you are not in one!
    IBEW 161

  3. 2:25 – Unions don’t defy human nature anymore than than corporate conglomerates do — in fact, that’s why unions grew so powerful a hundred years ago — to protect individual workers from being exploited by capitalist tools like you.

  4. if it were not for unions we would all be working for 10 bucks an hour .

  5. Well then I sure am glad civil service is not a union it is the state. Wouldn’t want you upset with the village

  6. i guess learning how to spell is not a requirement for union membership

  7. while unions often seem to wield more power than they should (aka UAW) they provide an important safeguard for workers rights

  8. How was everyone’s 1st week of school? I would love (I hope I don’t regret this!) to hear thoughts.

  9. while the ‘intent’ of the union is to protect the worker from ‘slave-driver’ type owners years ago, they have become obstructionist and caused the loss of lots of jobs. This country has lost millions of jobs due to unreasonable union contracts where workers were overpaid and had overly generous benefits. Case in point is the US auto industry. So say goodbye to those industries where the unions exert the pressure. that is why union membership continues to decline. remember, all of you who wanted a ‘global’ economy reap what you sow. I have to laugh when I see a ‘proud union member’ bumper sticker on a foreign car built by a nonunion worker. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrytes in the union membership with big mouths.

  10. Why is this a union discussion. Civil Service rules have nothing to do with unions.

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