Village Council Considers Portion of Ridge/GW School District as Location for Affordable Housing

In Uncategorized on September 4, 2008 at 7:51 pm

It was revealed during yesterday’s Village Council meeting that Ridgewood officials have identified at least two areas within the Ridge/GW school district as being potentially suited for placement of affordable housing units to meet the Village’s current & expected COAH obligation.

The locations identified are North Walnut Street, between Ridgewood Avenue and Franklin Avenue, and Chestnut Street, between Franklin Avenue and the northern dead end.

It is not known whether enrollment capacity data at either Ridge or GW were reviewed as part of the decision making process.


  1. Ridge… COAH… this should be interesting.

    This could settle the premiere school district status between Ridge and Willard….

  2. Only ridge & willard thought that they were premiere. Test results don't back it up.

    It will be interesting to see if coah brings scores up or they just stay the same.

  3. Be realistic!!!! It will not happen

  4. Who said anything about academic scores contributing to premier status of these school districts?

  5. Ridge and Willard. Both over crowded and over rated.

    There is a little school to the south of both. Whith average class sizes of 17 students, it has the best overall test scores in the village. Obviously, perception does not match reality.

    Many parents, living south of Godwin, have a choice of sending their children to Ridge or Orchard. Most prefer Ridge, which for parents of the Orchard District is a blessing. Let Ridge be overcrowded while Orchard enjoys the advantages of small class sizes.

  6. re: There is a little school to the south of both.

    Orchard School — Isn’t that the school with the toxic dirt?

  7. Only if you eat 50 ponds a day.

  8. Premiere is all in your head. If it is not academics, what makes it premiere – the good looking parents.

  9. Premier is ALWAYS “all in your head”.

    If academics were the ONLY metrics then lots of other school districts across the country would be more desirable.

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