Unfavorable Press and Schmooze from Council Members Move Bolger to Restore Library Gift

In Uncategorized on September 4, 2008 at 3:59 pm

In response to negative “blog chatter,” a rather unflattering front page article in last week’s Ridgewood News (which exposed his penchant for the use of foul language), and personal phone calls from each member of the Village Council, local philanthropist David Bolger has agreed to restore his $750K gift to restore the Pease Library building.

Just two weeks ago, Bolger pulled his library gift and a $450K gift to install spy cameras in Ridgewood’s Central Business District in a huff. His action was in response to the Council’s approval of an ordinance that places restrictions on benefactors whose donations require formal Village Council approval.

It is not known at this time whether Mr. Bolger will be restoring his gift related to the spy camera project. However, Councilman Paul Aronsohn, Deputy Mayor Keith D. Killion, and Councilwoman Anne Zusy have all gone on record as opposing such a project.

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  1. Don’t be so quick to oppose that good camera project… that’s why good projects never get done. Do you hear…why does it takes so long for a Council member to learn? … Not the road to take…It was accepted properly before..

  2. This fly hears, no cameras.

  3. If the project was so good, cameras, why are so many opposed?

  4. Oh brother. I thought we were finally free of this Indian giver.

  5. Stop debating this dead horse issue. Properly placed cameras can serve a real need and service.

    The do nothing, disgruntles and hate everything people… help screw up good projects and eventually costs the rest of us to lose funds and more.

  6. so funny… you are pro spy cameras in downtown RW but against wiretapping terrorists…

    so funny… so misguided.

  7. How come no one comments about the camera’s taking pictures at the intersection of East Glen and Van Emburgh?

    Next time you stop at a red light, look just above the traffic signals and smile 🙂

  8. Thanks for the tip.
    I’m on my way to East Glen and Van Emburgh with my Lowes tools to remedy that situaiotn right now.

  9. Whats wrong with the cameras? Dont want to see the damage YOUR kids cause to the CBD?

  10. Your next poll:

    Should Anne Zusy resign?

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