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5:17 PM said:

“I don’t now about “shenanigans” in Ridgewood. I tend to find that such claims are based on bogus or misconstrued information.”

OK, like the “improvements” made to Upper Citizens, you wouldn’t call that a bit slippery the way they violated the deed?

“…the majority of comments on this blog seem to resist change (good or bad) in town.”

Oh, the logic of your argument confounds us. You argue that it is bad to resist “bad” changes. And you assume that things you like are “good” changes.

I would say you are a bit naive or probably haven’t lived here very long. If you are neither, then one can only assume that you are afraid of change yourself (the influence of this blog).

By your logic, we are then left to assume that you favored the change that would have been brought about by the “gift” of cameras stationed around town.

It is a good thing we have freedom of speech. One wouldn’t want to live in a world ruled by your definition of good and bad.

As for the “majority” of comments, how many are proposing “change” in our education system? In that debate, it is the government run school system that is resisting change in the face of overwhelming evidence that the math program is horribly inept.

One could go on and give more examples of your sophistry but it would take up too much time.

BTW, this blog has a huge influence. It’s just not to your liking.

With nearly 37,000 hits per month, 12,000 individuals are reading it monthly. That’s way more than half the adults in this village.


  1. BTW, this blog has a huge influence…With nearly 37,000 hits per month, 12,000 individuals are reading it monthly. That’s way more than half the adults in this village.

    Page hits does not necessarily mean influence.

    If this blog is so influential, why are its endorsements (of BOE candidates, school budget votes, etc.) constently at odds with a majority of Ridgewood voters?

  2. 1038 I dont know ask marty brooks ,bettie bop and Jacque…

  3. Obviously, the observations about the tone of this blog have hit a nerve. But, as is often the case, this poster has wandered off point. So, allow me to clarify…

    1) I see nothing “slippery” about improving a field that has existed in the Village for many years. If the deed prohibited an athletic field (which has not been verified), then the issue should have been raised years ago, when the original field was first proposed. Today, the field is an integral part of the Villages (very young) T-ball program. Keeping it in good condition for the sake of safety and general maintenance is only prudent.

    2) This thread was focused on improvements to recreational facilities in town. I have lived here long enough to know how this town works and the agendas that are pushed by various groups. I have also observed this blog since its inception. My point about “resistance to change” was that it doesn’t matter whether the change is perceived to be good or bad…some people simply resist change and will find something to complain about. It happens all the time on this blog and it makes no difference whether you or I view a change to be good or bad.

    3) As I said, this thread has nothing to do with education, BOE debates or the math program. I realize that it is difficult because PJ pulls comments out of context, as if they are new threads. However, if you go back to the beginning of this thread, you will see that it is about changes at recreational facilities. Furthermore, if you go back and look at threads that deal with fields and recreational spaces, you will see that the vast majority of comments have a negative tone and resist whatever changes or improvements are being discussed.

    4) The number of blog hits have no correlation with the blog’s “influence”. Assuming that the “hits” are from residents of Ridgewood and that the viewer is in anyway influenced, is inherently a incorrect assumption. Many, like me, may view the blog from time to time to get a flavor of the “latest gripes”. That doesn’t mean that I agree or am at all influenced by what I read. In fact, I frequently find the comments to be inflamatory or inaccuarate, and disagree with them. It is also obvious that many of the comments come from the same individuals over and over again (most of whom can be found in the audience at any given Village Council meeting), thus lending credence to the widely held view that there is a small minority of vocal residents that enjoy “stirring the pot” in Ridgewood.

  4. 10:38 AM,

    You don’t really mean, “a majority of Ridgewood voters” do you? After all, no where near a majority of voters even voted in the last BOE election.

  5. 11:23 AM,

    Just for the record. The field at Upper Citizens was only cut outs and a temporary backstop when first put in place a few years ago not many a years ago as you claim.

    As a member of the RBA at the time, I distinctly remember Gary Muzio explaining that a field was not allowed there. Therefore, the RBA would put a portable/temporary backstop there. Kinda like the nose of the camel in the tent.

    Now, one can agree or disagree about wanting a baseball field at Upper Citizens. However, that does not change the fact that it is in violation of the deed to have a field up there.

    Which, if you bothered to go look, is now what is in place. A fait compli. The camel is now completely in the tent.

    One is amazed that you do not find this “slippery.” But then again, from reading your missives one would expect that you wouldn’t.

    You seem to relish being a defender and apologist for those who violate our civic tenants.

    And once again you play the sophist with your arguments concerning reference to the BOE and math.

    You wrote that people on this blog are against change, “good or bad.” It was only pointed out that the BOE and its defenders are against changing our bad math program.

    Unless of course you were referring to them being against change too. But some how we doubt it.

    Your arguments sound good on the surface but are built on sand. One wonders if you are a lawyer.

  6. 11:23 –

    You may be a Soccer Mom or a LAX Dad, but clearly you are no HOCKEY MOM!

  7. Now, be careful when you talk about Lawyers … they keep things lively….. Sometimes.


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