New Skateboard Park Will Be Constructed on Wednesday, September 10th – Killion Assails Cronin’s Slow Pace

In Uncategorized on September 4, 2008 at 1:05 pm

Ridgewood Parks & Recreation Director Tim Cronin announced at last night’s Village Council Work Session that the long-awaited skateboard park will be installed between the Lester Stable and Graydon Pool on Wednesday, September 10th.

In response to Cronin’s official announcement, Deputy Mayor Keith D. Killion joked that the youths who originally proposed such a facility were now all out of college and starting families. He suggested that this project took way too long and encouraged Cronin to move much, much faster in the future.

Killion, along with Councilwoman Anne Zusy, also blasted Cronin’s failure to expeditiously make Habernickel Park available to members of the public except for the current multi-purpose field and parking lot. Killion and Zusy both referred to the lack of progress at Habernickel as an “embarrassment” that would no longer be tolerated. Said Killion: “For $8 million, taxpayers should be getting more bang for their buck.”


  1. That was the all time worst purchase of real estate by the village ever.

    What a waste of taxpayer money.

  2. i’m glad to see the new council members taking the village management to task for their slow pace..

  3. Do kids still skateboard?

  4. Killion is such a breath of fresh air. Finally someone who is goign to get things done! GO KEITH!!!

  5. Habernickel could have been finished years ago, it could be finished this spring. All that Killion and Zusy have to do is appropriate the money and put the project out to bid.

  6. Hey 1:01 PM –

    Does Killion hunt moose too?

  7. kids skateboard when they are not breakdancing

  8. Typical village council. Slow to approve funds for projects but very quick to throw Cronin under the bus.

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