New Athletic Field Complex on West Saddle River Road Would Cost $9 Million

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Members of the Village’s separate Open and Field Use Committees recently began intense lobbying of the Village Council to purchase the seven acre Schedler property, located at the intersection of West Saddle River Road and Route 17, for purposes of constructing a new athletic field complex.

During last night’s Village Council Work Session, Village Manager James Ten Hoeve revealed that property acquisition and construction costs for a sports facility on the Schedler property would cost approximately $9 million. Additionally, Ten Hoeve estimated that annual maintenance costs for such a facility could approach $100k.

The Schedler property is currently zoned for single family homes. However, Ten Hoeve told Village Council members that if the property were developed with cluster housing, similar to what is being proposed by the Baker Group on Paramus Road, the Village could collect approximately $29 million in property taxes over a 30-year period.

Councilman Paul Aronsohn, Deputy Mayor Keith D. Killion, and Councilwoman Anne Zusy all went on record as saying that regardless of current playing field shortage, the Village could not afford such an expense at this time.

Mayor David T. Pfund pushed his colleagues to be optimistic in light of possible grant monies becoming available.

Councilman Patrick A. Mancuso indicated that he would be forming a volunteer committee to explore the possibility of funding all, or a portion, of acquisition and construction costs with private funds.

Village Attorney Matthew S. Rogers was tasked by Pfund with contacting the property owner’s attorney to determine an approximate purchase price.

More to come in the next several weeks . . .
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  1. Sell Habernickle Farm, it has to be worth at least 9 million by now.

  2. Buy the property and build the United States Lacrosse hall of fame.

    Charge admission to recoup the upfront expense.

  3. The Lacrosse Hall of Fame is in Baltimore. Twit.

  4. Why aren’t the people in the Schedler neighborhood upset about the prospect of dozens of condominiums? We will have to increase school size, by the way! And don’t blame this on the sports folks, cause members of the nonsports faction of the open space committee wanted this saved as open space as well. It didn’t have to be all fields, by the way, it could have been a combo of active/passive. If homes are built, many of those trees will have to be cut down. The residents of that area will hear the noise from Route 17 loud and clear! The traffic, the lights, you name it.

    But, they get what they deserve, by not paying attention to what is happening in their own neighborhoods.

    It will be interesting to see who the actual developer is, right????

  5. A hotel similar in design to Courtyard by Marriott’s standard layout would be nice.

  6. Move the hospital over there and make the fields in the current hospital location.

  7. Maybe we can get Bolger to fund it … HA!

  8. “$29 million in property taxes over the next 30 years”….interesting. The BOE is discussing a $35 million dollar bond issue to address current over crowding. Add “cluster housing” to the mix and the resulting additional students and maybe $35 million isn’t enough. Maybe $45 million would be a better number, maybe $50 million by the time things are all said and done. Personally I’d rather spend the $9 million, own the property, have options and control my own destiny. Last time I looked they weren’t making any more open space in Ridgewood.

  9. “Personally I’d rather spend the $9 million, own the property, have options and control my own destiny.”

    You can’t control your own destiny if you take grants, or low interest loan money, from either the State or County.

    The only way to retain control is to bite the bullet and pay it all yourself.

    Then, you could sell it to a developer down the road if you can’t raise enough funds to build an athletic complex.

  10. 9:28 Lax Wuss –

    Close the Lax HOF in Baltimore and re-open it in The Wood….we can put FieldTurf everywhere, even in the parking lot !

  11. 9:28 –

    It’s so sad that you know that!

  12. maybe with some of the 29 mill. the village could hire a superintendent for the parks dept. maybe this person could take some of the workload off of tim cronins plate so the projects in town could be finished in a timely fashion. to much for one mans plate.

  13. The only action must be the recommendation of our Village Manager. His experience and financial knowledge tells us not to try and develop the property for more fields use. It would be foolish to do so.

    I would trust that recommendation more than those politicians that just shoot from the hip.

  14. I think we need to partner with a University so we can be told what to do.

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