This blog has been the voice of OPPOSITION to improvements to the Village….yikes

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You must not read this blog very often. The vast majority of posts here claim there is some conspiracy theory behind initiatives to make Ridgewood a better place for our children or that the “lax dads”, “soccer dads” or baseball dads” are part of some evil initiative.

This blog is NOT responsible for bringing about improvements to our fields. , in general. Please don’t give the the usual suspects on this blog credit for good deeds , for which they have no responsibility and actually criticize.

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  1. This post seems a little strange when taken out of its original context (see New Sod at Hawes Field – August 31).

    Nonetheless, it is spot on. Take a look at the comments under the Hawes blog referenced above. Then look at the rant titled, “Mayor Pfund: “There is no baseball field currently being constructed at Upper Citizens park.” (August 15) and its ensuing comments. Or read the blog titled, “Improvements to Upper Citizens go on…” and its ensuing comments. In all, almost 70% of the comments offer some level of OPPOSITION to improvements being made at these fields.

    And let’s not forget the endless waves of complaints and criticism that Fly and his faithful offered up regarding the turf field and dramatic landscaping improvements that were completed at Maple Park a few years ago, without the use of additional taxpayer funds. That project resulted in the single most functional and important recreational open space resource in the Village and actually saves the Village money every year. Yet, the majority of posts on this blog were not in favor of that effort.

    So PJ, please don’t try to cast this blog as or its regular readers as supportive for improvements to Ridgewood’s infrastructure, specifically its recreational fields. It and they have repeatedly proven to be just the opposite.

    I do find it ironic that you would express surprise or disbelief (“yikes”) that this blog and its regular posters should not be given credit for the good deeds of others in this town. This blog is a divisive and often mean-spirited platform, that allows arm-chair quarterbacks to cast stones anonymously at those, who take action to improve life in Ridgewood for others.

  2. 923 just pay the umps on time and everything will be fine….

  3. maintaining fields is not the same as turning ridgewood into turf city…

  4. That first poster has to be Demaille….go back to Prep School you weenie.

  5. This blog helps to keep the various power structures in this non-partisan village in check. For we have the weakest form of municipal government any local can have – Faulknerian.

    This blog is a source of information and exposes the wheeling and dealing that goes on behind citizens’ backs.

    If people complain about “improvements” it is because what may be an improvement to some is a loss to others.

    Some people liked the grass field at Maple. None of the softball teams want to play on the artificial turf. Even though the RBA paid a chunk of change for the privilege.

    So, not everything we do here is for the better of all our citizens.

    That is why this blog offers a chance for people to voice their concerns, criticisms and ideas for making Ridgewood a better place for all.

  6. Has Tim Cronin fixed the mounds at Citizens and Vets. Has he installed new benches at Vets 90 yet?

    Just wondering how effective this blog is and how responsive the Village is to its posters.

  7. Lady Astor: “Mr. Churchill, you’re drunk!”

    Winston Churchill: “Yes, and you, Madam, are ugly. But tomorrow, I
    shall be sober.”

  8. Mr. Churchill continued:

    “…and you will still be ugly.”

  9. What is happening at Upper Citizens is a violation of the deed of the property. Village gov’t is hoping no one will complain or draw attention to this.

  10. Big Weenie.

  11. 6:34…

    I am the “first poster” to whom you referred. I am a proud graduate of RHS and have always been proud to raise my family here. I am a little less proud these days when I read the posts from people like you on this blog.

    Those of you who believe that you are serving as a “check and balance” for the municipal government or that you serve some dignified role in this Village are sadly mistaken. This blog is nothing more than a forum for ignorant and disgruntled citizens to take anonymous pot shots at their fellow citizens, without having to take responsibility for anything.

  12. thank god for this blog otherwise we would be stuck with that nut job marty brooks….

  13. 7:26 PM,

    Here in our leafy little village all the women are pretty, the men strong and the children smart.

    Stop being so damned precious. There are shenanigans going on all about us and you prefer to believe that all is well.

    OK, then.

  14. Proud grad of RHS …. grow up and move on. Your high school days are over. You don’t own the town and we all have our opinions of the current state of the government.

  15. I don’t now about “shenanigans” in Ridgewood. I tend to find that such claims are based on bogus or misconstrued information.

    I do have to agree with the original premise of this thread, which pointed out that the comments on this blog are not responsible for improvements around town. As pointed out earlier, the majority of comments on this blog seem to resist change (good or bad) in town. Most posters seem to be conspiracy theorists or simply whiners.

    It’s too bad. Because if there were more intelligent and thoughtful posters, this blog could be a positive influence. I guess that is just wishful thinking.

  16. 5:17 PM said:

    “I don’t now about “shenanigans” in Ridgewood. I tend to find that such claims are based on bogus or misconstrued information.”

    OK, like the “improvements” made to Upper Citizens, you wouldn’t call that a bit slippery the way they violated the deed?

    “…the majority of comments on this blog seem to resist change (good or bad) in town.”

    Oh, the logic of your argument confounds us. You argue that it is bad to resist “bad” changes. And you assume that things you like are “good” changes.

    I would say you are a bit naive or probably haven’t lived here very long. If you are neither, then one can only assume that you are afraid of change yourself (the influence of this blog).

    By your logic, we are then left to assume that you favored the change that would have been brought about by the “gift” of cameras stationed around town.

    It is a good thing we have freedom of speech. One wouldn’t want to live in a world ruled by your definition of good and bad.

    As for the “majority” of comments, how many are proposing “change” in our education system? In that debate, it is the government run school system that is resisting change in the face of overwhelming evidence that the math program is horribly inept.

    One could go on and give more examples of your sophistry but it would take up too much time.

    BTW, this blog has a huge influence. It’s just not to your liking.

    With nearly 37,000 hits per month, 12,000 individuals are reading it monthly. That’s way more than half the adults in this village.

  17. 8:59 is right…the RW Blog keeps the criminals honest.

    Always remember that cockroaches shun the light…!

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