Drew has a vision for a new aquatic center…..

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Here’s my vision for a new aquatic center. Build a 50-meter by 25-yard indoor pool that includes a movable bulkhead and diving well. Probably have it in the current locker room/food area, and have it double as an entrance area. Around the side towards the village hall area, have a kiddie/warmup pool with the somesort of door/roof system that can be openend up onto the sandy beach. Keep the pond for summer use, but remove the “pool” or better yet make it a concrete/fiberglass/vinyl outdoor pool for summer use. The summer use pool should have a slide or something very fun to draw in the families during the summer.

The only way to pay for something of this magnitude would be to have as many clubs/teams pay for use of the indoor competitive pool as possible. Any sort of schools and private teams should be canvassed so they can rent lanes. I believe other municipalities have done this without too much up-front cost or any sort of bonds. The other kiddie/warmup pool would be for township use.

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  1. Thanks Drew… at least that is a suggestion to be considered. Now that we have restablished this thread with Some activity. Can the entire thread be moved to the TOP of the Blog… IS THAT TO HARD TO DO?

    This re-design will have lots of input and hopefully some design rcommendations and financing solutionS.

    It’s worth the effort. We can’t go through another year like this last one. In any event, the pool will have to BE shut DOWN for at least nine months. The public must understand that will have to be done.


  2. How about going to the YMCA instead?

  3. No, the YMCA aquatic director is brutal.

    Make it a town facility…let’s start collecting donations now….

  4. 6:32 you are incredibly ignorant…the y aquatic director is not brutal…I worked for her…what a stupid comment

  5. I like Drew’s idea.

  6. Is this the same Y that worked tirelessly, behind the scenes, to kill the addition of a pool at RHS a few years back.

  7. Regardless of the personality of the Y's Aquatic Director, the Village doesn't need a second indoor aquatic center. Kids need sunshine. We don't need an eyesore building at the corner of Linwood & Maple.

    On the other hand, I would support turning Graydon into an OUTdoor, cement-bottomed, clearwater pool.

  8. Drew’s idea better… and better yet …time to ask Dom to describe the many designs possible, don’t you think? Perhaps,the Council might consider asking him to do a presentation at a Village Council meeting, similar to the brief one he gave for BOE Supt, a board member and the head of the Physical Education Dept.

    Many enclosures are simple and not as costly as you might think. They can be used all year round.

    We better start planning now and stop wasting time. Graydon has become a “Ghost Town”!

  9. While not necessarily a “ghost town”, Graydon has been hurt by the incessant chatter of those who want an indoor swimming facility but have chosen to masquerade as germaphobes to get one at the taxpayers expence. I’m still waiting to hear that Nessie has moved into Graydon.

  10. Who is Drew?

  11. The only suggestions I have ever seen from Mr.Nizza were a variety of low-profile structures that could be used all-year round; by the Village and School District.

    There never was a plan for that kind of facility to be at the High School. He opposed one to be built with tax payer money and under the control of the School District.

    The facility operation must be under the control of the Village for its operations and financial over sight. The Aquatic complex must operate as a “Utility” and meet the requirements of that under law.

    Our objective must be on a DESIGN that can meet all those needs. There will be financial supporters when the time comes (first things first)the naysayers never do anything to meet a worthwhile objective and they never will.

    Time to shut down the “GHOST TOWN” now!

  12. I’m Drew, a Ridgewood resident. I currently swim at the Y. Hopefully they won’t revoke my membership after reading this!

    The Y’s pools are not good for much anymore. They are shallow, the air handlers are antiquated, the lanes are narrow, there is no Meter-length pool, and there is no capability for an electronic timing system, just to name a few shortcomings. It’s an old complex, and has served the community well, but it’s time to move on. No swim team is going to hold a meet there. I don’t think any school teams hold their practices there anymore?

    I believe the entire Northern NJ region could use a new indoor 50M pool. It would be a large draw, and could be used for swimming, diving, water polo, underwater hockey, synchronized swimming, or other activities. Yes, a building this size would impact the surrounding area in terms of traffic and parking, but the benefit to businesses around the area would offset this.

    Why such a big dream? Because that way we avoid building it at too great a taxpayer expense, with the goal being $0 taxpayer expense. We use corporations and schools to seed the money. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know if the Village could run something that took in private funding, but hopefully they can work up something.

  13. I believe the entire Northern NJ region could use a new indoor 50M pool. It would be a large draw, and could be used for swimming, diving, water polo, underwater hockey, synchronized swimming, or other activities.

    Ridgewood doesn’t have space for the building footprint and the parking lot needed to support it. Perhaps a facility like this could be built in Hackensack, near the Ice House skating rink — at least they could share the parking areas.

    But the idea of building this facility here seems like a non-starter, because there is no room in the Village.

  14. Ridgewood doesn’t have space for the building footprint and the parking lot needed to support it.

    The Graydon pool area is the perfect place. I think there’s enough room there. Perhaps we could use the locker room/eating area/a part of the pond for the building, and somehow integrating the building with the surrounding water and sand. The parking lot as built would be sufficent to start.

  15. Mr Nizza assures us that there is enough space at the Graydon Pond/Area. After all it accommodated parking when we had 6,000 members! Now less than 1,800

    The swim team ran its current recreation programs at the space now provided. Dom always cautioned that the school and town competitions, should not be the driving force, though important. Experience has shown that emphasis will kill the project. Any consultant will advise you so.

    A modest acceptable pool for competions, lap simming, training and recreation time schedules could be solved. Samples of the many possible designs must be made now. Certainly a Plan A, Plan B for expansion can be suggested.

    A 4,000 to 5,000 (18% to 20%) of town population, with varied time memberships and costs can be efficiently prepared should sustain its operational funding needs. That advice is also available from the current consultant.

    Soving a North Jersey need, does not solve our Village responsibity and expectations.

    Time for a full fledge open discussion to advise the Village and School District what should be done. Naturally, there will be the doers that have the projective in mind. And others can just watch and criticize as usual.

    Let’s get started.

  16. I believe the entire Northern NJ region could use a new indoor 50M pool.

    OK. While we are at it let’s just drop the facade and remove “Village” from our name and change it to “The City of Ridgewood”

  17. It’s time Graydon is cemented…and for the use of the Village residents and employees/families only. Forget a multi community use aquatic center…where will everyone park? At Kings? How about renting out our driveways!!!

  18. Graydon is a great place and enjoyed by many who have lived here all our lives. Most of the people who complain about it have never gone there and in addition have shore house’s and swimming pools in there backyards. I suggest finging another soapbox to express your dis-satisfaction with the town.

    How about the fact that girls sports teams are treated like 2nd class citizens all the way up to the Varsity level. Look at the fields they play on compared to the boys!!! Disgraceful

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