New sod at Hawes Field

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Netflix, Inc.

  1. Seems our baseball friends have deep pockets…! How about a reduction in registration costs?

  2. The field looks great. Our guys did a bang up job! Sledding as usual this winter.

  3. There you go again.

    If the fields don’t get maintained, people complain.

    If the fields do get maintained, people complain.

    Seems like people around here just like to hear themselves complain.

  4. Yup, deep pockets indeed….sprinkler system is chugging away…glad the drought warnings haven’t kicked in (yet).

  5. I think it was 1992 when the RBA came and spoke to the Hawes community about why they wanted to build a stadium at Hawes school. Fortunately the last late Thomas Fitzgerald sent the diamond dads packing.

    I hope they aren’t starting another run at a stadium at Hawes (or Citizens)…

    Kevin Costner

  6. I am a Hawes resident and took a walk to see the new field. The infield grass is almost all brown even though the new irrigation system is on every day…

  7. Looks like all of the chatter on this blog about the embarassing condition of the RW fields is paying off.

    Who says the people won’t be heard!

  8. Are you suggesting that we should allow our playing fields to deteriorate to poor, unplayable or unsafe conditions (such as have existed at several fields over the past five years)? If the Village or BOE isn’t going to properly care for the fields, why shouldn’t the private sports groups do it?

    I’ll bet you don’t even have a child playing in the RBSA,do you 10:10?

  9. 10:37…

    You must not read this blog very often. The vast majority of posts here claim there is some conspiracy theory behind initiatives to make Ridgewood a better place for our children or that the “lax dads”, “soccer dads” or baseball dads” are part of some evil initiative.

    This blog is NOT responsible for bringing about improvements to our fields. This blog has been the voice of OPPOSITION to improvements to the Village, in general. Please don’t give the the usual suspects on this blog credit for good deeds , for which they have no responsibility and actually criticize.

  10. Oh, yea improvements like… cameras in town, a storage unit as opposed to the DVM center, Pease Library’s front lawn turned into a parking lot and the building let out for commercial purposes, Upper Citizens turned into a baseball field, the BOE buying one of the worst math programs in the world for our children, Parks and Rec’s total incompetence when maintaining our fields, pollution under Orchard field resulting in the restriction of use…

    One could go on but you get the point.

    Not all is so rosy and above board in our leafy little village.

    This blog, like it or not, is a useful tool of the community. If it were not, over 12,000 individuals would not be reading it each month out of a population of 25,000 and that includes the children.

    And to boot, it lists information about events and people of interest and often scoops the Ridgewood News with its timely postings.

    All in all, I would say this blog is a great thing. Yes, some can get a bit rude but sometimes it is well deserved. Kinda’ like hitting a mule in the head with a 2×4.

    People are often WAY too sensitive or as one poster calls them, “precious” when it comes to political discourse. It reminds of an exchange between Lady Astor and Winston Churchill.

    Lady Astor: “If I were married to you, I’d put poison in your coffee.”

    Churchill: “If I were married to you, I’d drink it.”

  11. Not all is so rosy and above board in our leafy little village.

    how smug

    "our leafy little village"

    & the anti-Ridgewood hatred continues

  12. “our leafy little village” 108 this is a quote form the New York Times i guess the Times is anti ridgewood also ….?

  13. 1:08 PM,

    No matter what the sin, you will defend the culprit’s innocence ’till the very end.

    How noble of you.

    Did you work in the Clinton White House too?

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