How many admin. does it take…?

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The Ridgewood Public School system employs at least 3 people, that the Fly can ascertain, who oversee the implementation of our math curriculum. This does take into account the Superintendent of schools. They are the Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment, the Supervisor of Curriculum, and the District Mathematics Supervisor.

There may be more like a Director of Mathematics, but since the district does not provide this information on its web site, and short of filing a request for it under the Freedom of Information Act, this is what we could gleam from the district’s own Newsline publication.

So, for approximately $400,000.00 a year (including benefits) there are at least 3 people in charge of our district’s math program and on top of this we’re paying outside consultants to help us determine the future of our math curriculum?

This should raise doubts about the competency of the people employed to serve our community, that it costs so much and takes so many to get it wrong.


  1. So—- about $400,000 on salaries/benefits for math alone, and so many people are unhappy with the program? Unacceptable, I say.

  2. Has grade school math changed so drastically that it warrants a new curriculum? Or maybe i’m not understanding something.

  3. something about screwing in a light bulb…only this is not a joke. they’re just incompetent.

  4. Jimmie (9:17 AM),

    Ah, what you fail to understand is that having taken over the soft sciences of education, the liberals are now co-opting the hard sciences with their feminist agenda.

    It is the dumbing down of America in the effort to make everyone equal in outcome.

  5. How much is it going to cost to “partner” with a teacher’s college to tell us how to teach elementary school math?

  6. Call AA.

  7. 10:17 AM,

    Let’s see, we spent 9 grand for a consultant to tell us that parents were not happy about math.

    The number 20 grand was bandied about to have a teacher’s college tell us what math to use. Knowing how these thongs work, I am sure it will be more than that.

  8. Hi I am a recent graduate of the high school. During my time there, found several flaws in the math curriculum/department. First of all, most students are taught how to do math rather than what is really behind the concepts. We are given a method and asked to memorize it, and use it on a different problem instead of proving and understanding the logic and math behind the math that we use. Similarily, most teachers only know the methods too. Most of them only know the math that they teach, however, a good mathematician should know how algebra and geometry are related thus to know one subject well one must understand all subjects of math well because math is interconnected between its numerous disciplines. As I have posted a few days about artofproblemsolving, perhaps I gave people the wrong impression that it was simply an extension of terc math given all the logic and proofs it emphasizes. One big complaint is that terc does not teach math, instead feeds children “logic” problems. Unlike terc, artofproblemsolving(AOPS) is a curriculum designed for top students with a set of books that teach the math of algebra, geometry, probability, and number theory through problem solving. Here is a short excerpt from of its intro to algebra book http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Books/IntroAlgebra/exc2.pdf. This way, not only will students know the concepts but will also understand why the concepts work and where it came from and how it fits in with the big picture of math. I’ve had many friends who have learned problem solving along with math and are majors in math, many of whom at places like MIT, Harvard etc… I agree that math facts should not be elminated from the curriculum but simply memorizing the facts and methods without knowing what is behind it is not of much use.

  9. 2:54 PM said “I agree that math facts should not be elminated from the curriculum but simply memorizing the facts and methods without knowing what is behind it is not of much use.”

    Who argues for this memorizing without knowing what is behind it? Please enlighten me. Is there a group or person that does?

  10. 2:45, recent RHS grad… Your message is a solid one. However, a public school education is designed to instruct children on content that will produce qualified citizens to ensure a positive future. Using your logic, people driving a car must comprehend all of the components that make it work. Otherwise the drivers are just memorizing how to operate the automobile. Does a driver require the knowledge of an engine in order to safely drive a car? Does a student need to comprehend pi in order to find the area of a circle? Is it ok for those that aren’t going into the field of math and science to “just” know that Pi times the radius squared will always give us a circle’s area? Food for thought for you and others that think it is more important for children (5 -12 year olds) to first grasp logic instead of learning the basic mechanics of all academic domains.

  11. Only $400,000 and we have risen to #7 in the state? Sounds like a sound investment that is paying off for our children (who receive a great education) & property owners (who find home buyers that love good schools).

  12. Dear 7:01 the “#7” in the State is misleading. Our district and many others play a “shift the funding” game to varying lengths. Other “administrative salaries” are blended into a “service” category. That “administrator” gets a salary from the budget but it doesn’t appear in the administrative salaries section of the budget.

  13. 7:01 AM

    We are #7 without a Superintendent. Maybe we don’t need any adminstrators?

  14. 7:01 AM,

    Then by all means, let’s give them a fat raise and hire ourselves some more administrators.

  15. #7 in the state?

    Wow, those other schools must REALLLLYYY SUCK.

  16. Our school system is not graduating Ph.ds in math. High school is the place you learn the basics of all subject matter because that is the intent of high school. If you want to know all of the why’s behind the facts, you go to college and major in math. You’ll probably need graduate school too.

  17. 10:08 AM,

    You are off message.

    Why does it take so many administrators to secure for students a solid understanding of math before they get to college.

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