Rumors Fly – Has David Bolger decided to rescind his gifts for downtown security cameras & renovating Pease Library?

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The Fly has received telephone and e-mailed messages from several sources who report that local philanthropist David Bolger might have decided to conditionally rescind his recent gifts to the Village, worth an estimated $1.2 million.

Speculation is that Mr. Bolger was very disappointed by the Village Council’s unanimous approval of Ordinance # 3132, which places certain restrictions on future donors whose gifts to the Village must be formally accepted by Council members through passage of either an ordinance or resolution.

The detailed conditions of Mr. Bolger’s rumored “take back” are currently unknown.

However, what The Fly does know is that one of Mr. Bolger’s real estate development companies, Two Forty Associates, Inc., has a scheduled Planning Board hearing on September 2nd.

The Fly wonders what impact, if any, current uncertainty regarding the status of $1.2 million in potentially lost gifts might have on our Planning Board members.

Here are official details of the upcoming Planning Board hearing:

Public Notice:



That an application has been made by Two-Forty Associates in connection with the premises located at (Block 2005, Lot 3) 156 Chestnut Street, Ridgewood, New Jersey in the C Zone for a Major Soil Moving Permit allowing the Applicant to move an estimated 5,349 cubic yards of soil in connection with the construction of a previously approved four-story self storage facility and related site amenities. Applicant further seeks relief from the Village of Ridgewood Zoning Code as follows:

1) The Applicant requests a waiver from the requirement that a 100 foot grid layout for present grades be provided. Applicant has provided a detailed cross-section of the Property which accurately reflects the information intended by the 100 foot grid layout.

2) The Applicant requests a waiver from the requirement that a 100 foot grid layout
for proposed grades be provided. Applicant has provided a detailed cross-section of the Property which accurately reflects the information intended by the 100 foot grid layout.

3) The Applicant requests a waiver from the requirement that grades of all street and lots within 100 feet of the lot be provided since no offsite grading is being proposed.

4) Such other variances, exceptions, design waivers, and other approvals and relief as may be required to effect complete approval of the application.

A public hearing before the Village of Ridgewood Planning Board has been ordered for September 2, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. in the Village Hall, 131 North Maple Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey and when the case is called you may appear either in person, by agent, or by attorney, to present any comments which you may have in connection with this application. Documents relating to this application may be inspected by the public in the office of the Ridgewood Planning Board during normal business hours. This notice is given to you by order of the Ridgewood Planning Board.

Wells, Jaworski & Liebman, LLP
12 Route 17 North, P.O. Box 1827
Paramus, New Jersey 07653-1827

By: Andrew S. Kohut,
Attorney for the Applicant
Dated: August 20, 2008

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  1. If so, can you say, “sour grapes?”

  2. Indian giver is more like it.

    Please Mr. Bolger, don’t let the door hit you on the way out of Village Hall.

  3. amen 426

  4. I hope the days of “Pay to Play” are over!

  5. Mr Potter from Its a Wonderful Life…

    Keep your money. Conditional gifts are the best kind, as you can take them back and we can flip you off. You want to give to the community, great. You want to give to causes that matter to you, perfect. But… dont think that everyone in Ridgewood is shaking right now.

    Enjoy your money. We dont need it.

  6. Makes his title of “Philanthropist” pretty transparent when it comes to trying to get his way in Ridgewood! Heck, doesn’t he already have enough money to live lavishly? Why does he need this stupid monsterous storage facility anyway?!? Has to be something better to do with the property that would benefit people in keeping with his philanthropic ventures.

  7. gifts gone, watch the newspaper.

  8. PS; sadly enough the council had already accepted before the ordinance, so really anne zusy did NOTHING. So really it comes down to, guess the gifts weren’t worth it, i’m sure the money will be better spent elsewhere anyway. Bunch of spoiled brats in Ridgewood anyway

  9. Please take all your “gifts” back Mr. Bolger. You’re classless.

  10. Really unbelievable, why in the world is he rescinding his gifts if all he has to do is wait until he is 90 days past the planning board variance application? Such a huge ego Mr. Bolger.

  11. I am amazed that Bolger has elicited such anger for making several gifts to the Village. As with any gift, the Village Council must vote to accept them. The fact that he had an application before the Zoning Board was well known and the Council could have easily decided to either not accept his gifts or simply defer their acceptance. Ms. Zusey’s grandstanding ordinance (the 90 day window of purity) implies that the Council members are too insensitive to consider whether a particular gift is a good idea or not. Let’s be clear here. A gift to the town that must be accepted by the Council in open session and for which no member receives any consideration can not be considered a conflict of interest because the donor has applications before other regulator bodies in the town. The ordinance has no real merit.

    I am not in favor of many of Bolger’s gifts. Some of his statuary is insipid at best and his comments on survlanace cameras were elitist. Nevertheless, if he wants to give to the Village, the Council should decide whether to accept each gift on a case by case basis. Hiding behind a “good government” ordinance that is misguided makes no sense. It enables the Council members to shirk their elected duties.

  12. Wow, 9:23, you must be new here…I haven’t heard such a reasonable, thought-out response on this board in, well, maybe forever. thank you. And I concur.

  13. “When you give alms, do not blow a trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets to win the praise of others. Amen, I say to you, they have received their reward.

    But when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing, so that your almsgiving may be secret. And your Father who sees in secret will repay you.”

    It would seem Mr. Bolger is not giving in the Catholic spirit of giving with his “strings attached” gifts.

  14. Yes, now we know they were bribes.

  15. This is what they say in Georgia:

    “An employee shall make every reasonable effort to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. An appearance of conflict exists when a reasonable person will conclude from the circumstances that the employee’s ability to protect the public interest, or perform public duties, are compromised by personal interest. An appearance of conflict can exist even in the absence of a legal conflict of interest.”

  16. You can complain all you want and claim that Bolger has “sour grapes.” But, keep in mind that it is his money to give or to keep and you all (those who complained about his gift and cast dispersions upon him) are to blame for him rescinding it. Maybe next time you will think twice before assuming such a “holier than thou” attitude and taking philanthropy for granted. What a bunch of hypocrates and jackasses you are!

  17. Impeach Anne Zusy! Do it now before she does more harm.

  18. Bolger can go blow his horn somewhere else. The council needs to get back to their jobs.

    Too bad Bolger got his varience Can we recind that?

  19. What a bunch of hypocrates and jackasses you are!

    Amen, 8:28!

    “Not only the ordinance but the continued newspaper and blogger chatter has made all of this just not a lot of fun” — Bolger attorney Thomas Wells

    Way to go, Fly — you helped the Village lose a lot of money.

  20. This whole episode has exposed Mr Bolger as a petulant and manipulative person who believes that his money all buy him his own way. It was Mr Bolger’s own over-reaction, not the councils that has exposed the truth. If Mr Bolger had not acted the way he did, he would still be regarded by the public as a philanthropist who’s altruistic motives could not be questioned – pitty.

  21. We do not need Bolger or his ego.

  22. Bolger attorney, Thomas Wells stated, “…continued newspaper and blogger chatter has made all of this just not a lot of fun.” And what the heck were you expecting when you try to put one over on the town?!? Trying to get your way because you have lots of $$$$ to throw around supposedly in the name of philanthropy so you and or your cronies ultimately reap some form of benefit is such a cheap shot at the Village. Ridgewood can do quite nicely without your money, Mr. Bolger — the “gifts” are just to expensive. Mr. Wells, grow up –all in life is not fun and I’m happy to see that so many fellow Ridgewood taxpayers are wise to you…GO BACK TO VERMONT and MILK the COWS not Bergen County!!!

  23. Hey Fly & Annie,

    By my calculations, you have cost the Village over $2mm in new expenses, delays and lost tax revenue as a result of this debacle. The loss of funding for Pease is going to be a particularly onerous financial burden. You have demonstrated what many knew before the election…Annie's not very bright and Fly's rant's aren't very constructive. Both of you have missed the mark on this one and cost the taxpayers a great deal of money.

    Maybe it would be best if you step back out of the way and try to let the Village function better without your input.

  24. Annie Zusy is my hero. She stood up to the completely illegal shenanigans of Bolger and Pfund and has brought a refreshing honesty into village government. Thank you Annie. Good Riddance Bolger.

  25. We are fortunate to have a person like David Bolger in our community. He has done so much over the years, publicly and privately, to improve or enhance the quality of life in the village and surrounding towns. To make him out to be some self-serving, egomaniacal person is just plain wrong.

  26. Don't know Bolger & his true motivations, but it is clear that this was handled about as clumsily as it possibly could have by Zusy and the VC.

    I wasnt thrilled with the downtown cameras, but I don't really blame him for taking offense at this ordinance. Of course it was aimed at him. And since he got his variance anyway, what was the point? The VC didint need this ordinance to turn down gifts with strings attached. This whole episode reflects poorly on the new VC–"good government" doesnt result from silly ordinances like this–it takes prudent and mature judgment.

  27. 835 you live in new jersey ,there is no such thing as “good goverment”

  28. yes 837 no “good goverment” just silly BS

  29. 820 if what you say is true mr bolger should have know better

  30. Folks, IT AIN’T OVER YET!!

    Just wait n’ see…

  31. lets see if Mr. Bolger chnage shis mind and does Pease after all. Seems Zusy is begging him not to rescind his gifts…. How’s the crow taste Ms. Zusy!

  32. 9:01 — If I recall Bolger insisted on calling all the shots regarding Pease renovations including some additional parking in the front. Let’s not forget the rent free/for renovations request from Jeff Wells, brother of Bolger’s attorney. This is the same guy who, as reported by the Record, can’t afford the outside renovations of his mansion — the Blauvelt Mansion in Oradell. Gotta really feel sorry for these men — so out of touch with reality of the taxpayer and common man!

  33. Anyone know what’s the result of Planning Board meeting last night?

  34. Bolger is the one who appears petty. He already has his variance, what more does he want?

    Does he want the VC to kiss his arse and beg for his money?

    Be a big boy Bolger and grow up. Your withdrawal of the cameras is a God send.

  35. Both the Pease and camaras projects are back on the table now. Contracts will be signed next week.

  36. Pease was accepted by council and will now move ahead… cameras, who knows……

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