Improvements to Upper Citizens go on ….

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As one can plainly see, the Village Parks & Rec. Dept. is making only minor improvements to Upper Citizens “softball” field. However, any one with a discerning eye can tell the improvements are neither minor or for a softball field.

This is a baseball field with a raised mound, clay base paths and soon to be sodded infield. If one looks out to left field, they can see where the hill’s slope is being built up to level the field. That is why that huge pile of dirt is on site.

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  1. This is great. Looks like a big improvement for the little kids.

  2. Looks like RBSA is up to some tricks: A wink and nod from the Village Council, and here we are.

    Are taxpayer’s dollars being spent on this? Or is it REALLY being covered solely by RBSA? How come there have been truckloads of dirt added to a field for K thru 2nd graders?

    RBSA, Village Council, any comment? Or do you think we’d just let you take away some “open space” and not notice.

    So much for sleigh-riding at Citizens, and listen for the chain saws… a few beautiful old trees will be coming down next!

    Anyone from RBSA want to enlighten us as to whats really planned. Last time I checked, 1st and 2nd graders dont use a raised mound and clay basepaths…

  3. If anyone wants to know the truth about what is going on at Citizens, just ask our Mayor Pfund. He is unfailingly honest.

  4. If this is a town project,did it go out for bid? What were the results?Or is someone just getting handed town projects?

  5. 10:26 – no bid…the RBSA stepped up to fill “the void”.

    They have taken a lesson or two from the Lacrosse Dads.

    New sod is going down today at the upper field at Hawes.

  6. you’re a riot! How is this taking away open space? It’s still open space! Look, I read the minutes from the council meeting…they were very clear about what they were planning in terms of leveling the field (hence the fill). There are not any trees being cut down (even though there are a couple of dead/damaged ones that probably SHOULD come down). I applaud the village and RBSA for getting this done — effectively creating more usable field space out of thin air — at no cost to taxpayers. It’s a model project. Thank you!

    And next time the VC discusses enhancing a field, and you don’t like it, speak up at the vc meeting and save yourself the agita later!

  7. This is great. Good job, whoever is responsible for the work.

  8. Spoken like a true baseball dad. Do you dress up in your fancy uniform for games too?

    Give me a break. The RBSA has deep hooks in our village gov… I’d like to see the final bill and have it confirmed if RBSA handled this bill… or if we’re now paying some of it.

    Its the loss of open space b/c there will be older kids there. Dont sit in right field for a picnic.. as here comes a line drive! No reason to expand that field if its for K thru 2nd. Stand there in your too-tight uniform and tell me otherwise.

    RBSA President: A response to the public, please?

  9. Give you a break? Please, give us a break from you instead. I am sure you have sooooo many picnics out in right field during the t-ball games. Which, by the way, you can surely still do after the field is fixed up.
    You really need to get a life and stop finding issues with free improvements that don’t cost us tax money. Even if it did cost a little from our regular parks and recreation budget I would think it was fine. This little t-ball field needed a bit of attention. You are nuts if you think that field can be used for anything but t-ball. I for one don’t wear too tight uniforms and don’t volunteer to coach and all my kids are past the age for using this field anyway. Why don’t you sit there in your too tight picnic outfit and get lost.
    The RBSA president should keep on ignoring you.

  10. Bill,

    This is really not about the field but rather about being lied to by the Village.

    The land was deeded for a park and specifically stated not for sports.

    While building a new field is nice for the kiddies, it is just business as usual when the VC and Parks Dept colludes with the RBSA to sneak through and violate the terms of the deed.

    This is why people have their knickers in a bunch.

  11. I don’t want to blaspheme the entire RBSA. There are some very good folks associated with this organization.

    But to the uninitiated the power is held by one mustachioed gentleman (poor choice of a word).

    The field assignor (the bearded wonder) is also a master at behind-the-scenes maneuvering…a second-generation manipulator, no less.

    There should be term limits on the Recreation positions.

  12. exactly….

    Imagine if a “less popular” sport in town did the following… wanted a field fixed up exclusively for their use. didnt go thru the channels and mislead the VC and the Parks and Rec department. funded a “minor upgrade” in the dead of night.

    shall I go on?

    Unless…. unless our good citizens in the RBSA will let the now-level field be used by other sports. While we cannot have soccer games at Upper Citizens, that would be a perfect spot for the same K-2nd grade teams to run practices and clinics. This will take pressure off of some of our other fields in town.

    Sound like a good idea? Sure, maybe not now, as the grass is taking root, but lets confirm that you’ll share the space next spring and next fall. OR… is this some secret spot for baseball only?


  13. ummm…yeah, scandalous, horrible. The nerve of them turning a softball field into a baseball field. What’s next, turning a soccer field into a bigger soccer field? I’m moving.

  14. 12:48 PM,

    There is a right way and a wrong way to go about things. Too often folks around town, feel themselves special and above going through proper channels or just feel like skirting the laws, rules, guidelines or whatever controlling authority there may be to get what they want.

    That is why people are upset. If you can’t get that through your thick head, then you should move.

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