Ridgewood Schools regained top 10 academic ranking by New Jersey Monthly.

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Ridgewood Schools regained top 10 academic ranking by New Jersey Monthly. Despite the controversial math program and the Marty Brooks fiasco the Ridgewood School System managed to move up from 24th place in 2006 to 7th place state wide, edging out academic rivals Northern Highland and Northern Valley. Other local rival Glen Rock dropped from 6th place to 28th place.

Our hat’s off to the principal of Ridgewood High School, Jack Lorenz. Take a look at the table below. Lorenz came to Ridgewood when the high school was stuck at a lowly rank of (24) for eons. Now, barely two years later (and just into his third year), Mr. Lorenz has achieved the unbelievable, raising our ranking by 17 places to put us into the top ten. He did this even as the BOE and its administrators provided the most tepid support to his efforts (when they weren’t trying to undermine him). You’d think board members would be grateful and laudatory. Did they even thank him or extend their congratulations? If you’re as impressed as we are, give him a call and let him know (201-670-2800). Thanks Jack!

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School Ranking

’08 ’06 School County

1 3 Millburn Essex
2 1 McNair Academic (Jersey City) Hudson
3 2 Tenafly Bergen
4 5 Mountain Lakes Morris
5 10 Glen Ridge Essex
6 13 Princeton Mercer
7 24 Ridgewood Bergen
8 7 Northern Highlands Regional (Allendale) Bergen
9 16 Northern Valley Regional (Demarest) Bergen
10 12 Chatham Morris

  1. We know Jack is a great guy. Now we all know that he is a top notch administrator. Hey, thanks Jack.

  2. Thanks Jack for taking the bull by the horns and bringing it to heel.

    The school was adrift academically, discipline was eroded and building was literally falling down around our children’s heads.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Jack was hired by the BOE and has been supported by the BOE.

    Based on this ranking, it appears that our math program isn’t the Achilles Heel that some people would have you believe.

    Congrats to Jack, the other school administrators, students, parents, RPS administration and the BOE for this great achievement!

  4. Jack’s success is not due to his efforts, bur rather, to those of present and past members of the BOE, including, most particularly, past presidents of the BOE who, rather than displaying anything close to dignity or accountability, linger on in the fringes of the public spotlight, isolating and publicly belittling anyone who threatens to disturb the impossibly placid waters surrounding Cottage Place.

    Based on this ranking, it appears that we may yet be successful in preserving Ms. Botsford’s math appreciation program as against any efforts to implement actual mathematics instruction in our RHS feeder schools.

    Congrats to me, me, me, me, me, me, and most particularly, me, as well as, to some unspecified extent, Jack, for this great achievement!

  5. folks dont pat yourself in the back to much Ramsey is ranked 13th …yikes

  6. by your logic the BOE sucked when we were 24th in 2006?

    By my logic, Ridgewood schools and the BOE are better today than ever.

    Don’t be so upset with this great achievement. Celebrate the moment. Enjoy the accomplishment. Live and let live.


  7. 1206 I am very happy ,but I think the TEACHERS DESERVE A LOT of credit not the no nothings at the BOE

  8. 12:12 – Frankly you don’t sound with your “no nothings” sniping.

    Yes, the teachers deserve a huge amount of the credit, as do the parents. Lots of credit also goes to the HSA, school administrators, district administrators, and the BOE.

    We don’t need to be so stingy in giving credit where credit is due. Vive le système d’éducation!

    11:03 / 12:06

  9. yes give credit where credit is due THE TEACHERS

  10. yes and we did it with out marty brooks

    And we did it with Regina Botsford.

    Thank you, Regina!

  11. get rid of the stupid math and we will be number one again in no time

  12. I think parents have realized the RPS are going downhill and have picked up the slack with afterschooling, supplemental instruction, more hands on supervision of homework, etc. I know I have.

    I believe we have very fine teachers but we need more rigorous curriculum to keep us moving forward. Since I’ve been supplementing with traditional curriculums, my children have been doing MUCH better in all life aspects.

  13. It is my sincere hope that our new superintendent cleans hose at Cottage Place and puts his own people there.

    Tishner, Botsford and DeSimone must be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise Mr. Fishbein will be find himself having to defend their incompetence and thus waste is credibility.

  14. The BOE and Cottage Place had nothing to do with this.

    The BOE, for years, has mindlessly parroted whatever pap Cottage Place fed them.

    As for the teachers, they take their cue from Jack. Until he got to RHS, it was adrift.

  15. the RPS are going downhill

    In what universe does going from #24 to #7 represent "going downhill"?

    Really, the wailing & gnashing of teeth in response to this wonderful announcement is quite strange.

  16. 104 i think it was the fact that the BOE ,that takes no responsibility for anything is proclaimed the sole reason for the Schools success with total disregard for all those that did all the work by the typical BOE flacks the write on this blog

  17. These results are based on a large part by the current RHS Junior Year’s SAT scores…those kids are not TERC babies. (I know, my kid is one of the ones who brought up the average this junior year and they had an excellent math tutor:)

    The current RHS population of Seniors and Juniors is a great group of kids and deserve some of the credit for this ranking because of their test scores.

    These are not TERC and CMP kids who took the SATs.

  18. 1:04 – take a look at the elementary school and middle schools today compared with about 5 – 10 years ago. Over the years my many children have been attending RPS, I’ve seen them go downhill in terms of curriculum and structure. The education that my 18 year old received is SUPERIOR that that which my 6 year old in now receiving. No question about it.

    Are RPS still good? Absolutely. Should we settle for “good”? I’ll leave that up to you.

  19. The real TERC generation will graduate in 2011.
    The real TERC and CMP generation will graduate in 2010.
    Seeing the great results RHS has achieved with more traditional math than constructivism, one will have to ask: Why are we changing what has actually worked so well ???? and Are we keeping Mrs. Bostford till at least 2011?
    RHS students, teachers, tutors, parents, principal..CONGRATULATIONS

  20. They may not be TERC and CMP kids but they ARE Everyday Math kids. Just sayin.

    And I agree with 1:39…no one has said the BOE deserves all the credit. Folks, this really is a team effort. The arguing about who gets the credit is ludicrous!

  21. no one has said the BOE deserves all the credit. Folks, this really is a team effort.

    That seems clear to most of us, but some people go off the deep end whenever the BOE is mentioned. Seems it’s not politically correct with them for anyone to say anything positive about Cottage Place.

  22. Regina has not been here long enough to have influenced the curriculum at RHS. She is starting with the elementary schools because she will have the least resistance there. In a few years, if nothing else changes and she manages to ruin the RHS math, then the rankings will tank again.

  23. 12:12 how come the “teachers” didn’t achieve these results under the former principal? What were they waiting for?

  24. 2:05 PM, arguing about who gets the credit for this is by no means ludicrous.

    As I type (and surely you know this to be true), the trustees of the BOE (with the possible exception of the newest trustee elected in April) are hard at work repainting themselves with bright shining colors in a self-aggrandizing effort to claim an undeserved amount of credit for this achievement.

    Knowledgeable local taxpayers and district parents should immediately return serve on this ruse to ensure that as few people as possible are taken in by it. Given the huge problems all of the RHS feeder schools are having with content-denuded curriculum in such subjects as math, science, and English grammar, this is no time to allow the BOE trustees the luxury of thinking that “the heat is off”.

  25. now come on you got on here and tied to imply that the BOE was solely behind this success

    Who implied this, and when did they imply it?

    You’re making up this “solely the BOE” stuff entirely. I’ve never heard anyone claim or imply that.

  26. Does anyone know the actual criteria used to determine these rankings? Was the NJDOE involved at all? Who decided and what was used to determine these rankings?

  27. “They may not be TERC and CMP kids but they ARE Everyday Math kids. Just sayin. “

    Everyday Math looked a lot more traditional when my kid was in elementary school. Plus, we supplemented with Score way back then and a private writing tutor.

  28. I believe only Ridge and perhaps one other elementary school used Everyday math. It wasn’t until Regina’s arrival that reformed math took over our elementary grades. Children in the high school were not harmed by this poor substitute for math, hence many could perform at a much higher level.

    No one could ever explain to me why, if a classic algorithm allowed a student to solve a math problem in, say, 5 minutes it was necessary to make students learn other ways that are more time consuming and provide for far more opportunities for error. Reform math is illogical on many fronts.

  29. McNair in Jersey City, should not even be on the list and yet they make it every year.. They are very selective in the students that they admit. Only take 1 to 2% of the JC students.The school has around 125 students. It is like a private school. The results are in the reporting.

  30. What will the high school do when our current crop of 6th, 7th and 8th graders get there? Given all the spiraling advocated by the reform math cmp2, they will be extremely weak at math and won’t handle the tougher HS math curriculum very well. Will this become the principal’s problem now? Is this Regina’s plan to make Lorenz’s job that much harder?

  31. Did Regina help make the criteria for this ranking?

    The school with a profile most similar to Ridgewood is West Windsor Plainsboro – South. Both are J districts, of nearly identical size, Ridgewood has 410 seniors, and WWPS 404. WWPS ranked 21st according to this list, way below the home team.

    A comparison between RPS and WWPS reveals that WWPS has higher SAT scores, a higher % advanced proficient on HSPA, they offer more AP tests, and they have a higher % of students scoring 3 or higher on AP tests. They also do it with fewer teachers (higher student to faculty ratio), and a higher % of their students serve in the armed forces; thank you WWPS!

    Exactly how many points did we get for having a shiny cupola?

  32. The current crop of RHS seniros and juniors are an excellent group of students.

    The trend to send kids to Bergen Academy and other private schools started to take off in the last two years. (I just recently learned about the bus to Horace Mann and there weren’t 30 or more kids going to Bergen Academy four years ago.) The kids that are at RHS now gave us some really stellar SAT scores, but we keep losing gifted kids to Bergen Academy, that may change.

    RHS does have a large amount of AP classes and if you count the aides, the student to faculty ratio is good.

    99% or more students go on to college at RHS, although the magazine previously hasn’t distinguished between two and four year colleges, but they may now.

    These all count in these rankings.

    Long term effects take time – they are “long term”.

    No one knows if TERC will really effect a large population of kids, because most parents are tutoring.

    I would suggest you all say congratulations to RHS staff and students this year.

    Just keep your tutor.

  33. NJ Monthly has been doing this ranking for some time. If you go on their website, you will get a full list of ranking criteria.

  34. To 10:17AM
    Somerville has also been using Everyday Math. Somerville kids do very well on the standardized tests.

    I think that credit for the change in ranking should be given to the HS kids who took the tests. They worked hard and it shows.

  35. “These results are based on a large part by the current RHS Junior Year’s SAT scores…those kids are not TERC babies”

    The NJ Monthly website refers to the 2006-2007 school year.

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