Reader says ," this is no time to allow the BOE trustees the luxury of thinking the heat is off"

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As I type (and surely you know this to be true), the trustees of the BOE (with the possible exception of the newest trustee elected in April) are hard at work repainting themselves with bright shining colors in a self-aggrandizing effort to claim an undeserved amount of credit for this achievement.

Knowledgeable local taxpayers and district parents should immediately return serve on this ruse to ensure that as few people as possible are taken in by it. Given the huge problems all of the RHS feeder schools are having with content-denuded curriculum in such subjects as math, science, and English grammar, this is no time to allow the BOE trustees the luxury of thinking that “the heat is off”.

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  1. What achievement

  2. Translation: “This is no time time to celebrate our accomplishments! We must keep complaining!”

  3. PJ,

    It seems that whenever there is a post about the RPS this blog gets lit up like a Christmas Tree.

    The flacks for Cottage Place come out in force only to be slapped down by the logic and the truth of their detractors.

    It is great to see that people are really paying attention.

    Could it be because that is why most of us live her – for the schools.

    And when we pay 70% of our taxes to operate the schools system, 85 million dollars this year, it is a good thing that people pay attention.

    We want better for our 85 million.

  4. Thursday, Aug. 14, 2008
    It’s not too late to stop TERC math


    TERC Investigations math.
    If you don’t know what it is, and you have an elementary student, you need to educate yourself.

    Look it up on the Internet , and you will see the testimony of parents and teachers, students and principals who have been horrified by this poor teaching curriculum.

    Math professionals’ review of this elementary math teaching curriculum puts it at the bottom in terms of educating children in basic math and preparing them for a future in math.

    Investigations has not been recommended for use by the National Math Panel. In Virginia, third-graders’ standardized math test scores have gone down since TERC Investigations was implemented.

    This is the math your child will be taught in Frederick County Public Schools starting this fall.

    Sadly, the public’s concerns have been brought to the attention of our own Board of Education, but either the majority of them do not believe what others have experienced, they do not feel that mathematicians who hold doctorate degrees know what they are talking about, or they just don’t care.

    Only two members of the school board voted to reconsider using TERC Investigations for this school year. They felt strongly enough to reconsider its use.

    Sadly, the rest of the board has been sold on this product.

    Obviously, those members are blindly taking the word of the “math specialist” who is selling it, rather than really looking at the proven poor track record of this curriculum.

    We, as parents, have so much power to control what our children are being taught and how they are being taught. I know you are busy. I have three children younger than 13 and work outside the home.

    But this is too important an issue to overlook or to hope someone else will take care of. We need to band together, educate ourselves, and intercede on our children’s behalf.

    Visit our Web site, FrederickEducationReform.com, for information about TERC Investigations math. Talk to your children’s principal about your concerns once you, too, have read the facts.

    Contact the Board of Education. That’s why they are there.

    Let’s let them know that we are entitled to have a say in what kind of math they are teaching our kids and what is being left out.

    Suzanne Middleton, Frederick

    The writer is a member of Frederick Education Reform.

  5. No 5:32… this is exactly the time to recognize our strengths and weaknesses, not rest on our laurals which the BOE is so adept at doing. Then we should actively work towards improvement and strive for the best. If one cannot recognize his/her weaknessess and admit his/her mistakes then progress and improvement are not options. In the end, we all lose if we remain satisfied with the status quo, not working hard to be the best.

  6. TERC is really bad. It’s cousin, CMP and CMP2 are not any better. If you have a child in elementary or middle school, ask the principal to give you assurances that they will receive a better math education than either of these two programs can provide. There are teachers in both elementary and middle schools who know how to teach math and do not need to rely on such crappy materials. Talk to your child’s teacher. Let her/him know how you feel about these programs. Get you kids free from them. You must ask otherwise your children will simple be served up the bad math. As a parent, you can make a huge difference. Make noise. Yes, you must complain about the stupid homework. You must complain when the homework does not match up with your child’s school work that day. Insist on better math preparation and that your child be taught the fundamental algorithms. Insist on mastery of content. There is virtually no mastery in either of these programs.

  7. There are many reasons why it would be laughable for the BOE to take more than token credit for the improved ranking of district schools in New Jersey Monthly.

    But one reason looms large to me.

    Whatever improvements that resulted in the improved ranking took place during a multi-year period during which Cottage Place’s influence over the comings and goings of the schools in the district was at a low ebb. Why? The district was operating without a permanent superintendent.

    Now if the BOE was to come out and confess that this was all part of a grand plan to empower school principals at the expense of district administrators, sort of like a covert “power to the people” experiment, well then maybe we would have something to talk about. But as long as the BOE wants to complain about how hard it was for them to attract a suitable candidate due to pushback from knowledgeable local parents and upset taxpayers, this line of reasoning will be unavailable to them.

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