Village workers feel overworked and understaffed

In Uncategorized on August 20, 2008 at 4:51 pm

PJ the workers of Ridgewood would like you to put up a new post.All village departments are short on workers. We can not keep up with the work. We can not .The village must hire now. The mayor needs to do something about this. The police and fire department are always hiring. If someone thinks we do not need help well they need to come and talk to the dept heads, and the workers. This is no joke.

Thanks the workers that love this town.

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  1. Talk to department heads? Are you crazy… they should be talking to the Council at work sessions and make their feelings known!

    How can we (the public) support something if they don’t put something on the public record first? At least to concerns of the public expressed already.

    At least, that mud hole of a pond.. they don’t respond to our concerns…what will they do about that one? Are they just stuck in the mud too?


  2. Hey, I love “that mud hole of a pond!”

  3. Dont you see whats happening, they aren’t replacing anyone who retires for a simple reason cost and the fact the county is offering to take up the service for nothing.

    Regional DPW is the first step to creating a county wide publics works department.

    They are doing the same thing the rest of the US did in the 1960’s.

    I dont want it and its a horrible idea if you like the services you currently have. What a shame.

  4. My department needs 1 more. the fire department hire 3 more. and said we cant hire no more. the water dep is now hireing. so they can be at full staff.butt the bule collar woker.that does all the work in town cant hire no one and we need help.

  5. 3:36 I encourage you to think about what you posted. It really does not make sense. I am not an employee of the Village but I can tell you I always see the men working and doing nice work at that. It is all common sense. Take a look around. Many roads are a mess. Park areas look great once the men leave and with in a few weeks are over grown with weeds and such. Roads need painting and many signs are a mess. The bottom line is if our village officials don’t hire more workers we are going to have to live in a town that is not as nice as it was when I moved in 31 years ago. I support our village workers and I also can respect budget issues. But dont go crazy when items that need to be taken care of are not.
    Thank you.
    North Pleasant Avenue

  6. yes thats so true we all need to talk to the council.they are not being told what we need.we all pay big tax,es.what the hell is going on.the crews are just to small to get the work done.look for your self and talk to the workers on the street.its time to hire stop the bs,in around.thanks the village inc.

  7. just take a look at village owned properties aside from village hall and the library they are falling apart and no one cares. look at the signal bldg. the bricks are falling off,the salt sheds boards are falling off,street dept- garage soffits have fallen off,roofs leak and are not repaired. take some time and look around theres more.the worse it gets the more it costs to repair.maybe someone should post some pictures on this site. artchick you out there?

  8. Sure hope they don’t hire more employees like 5:58.
    He won’t be able to do any paperwork let alone write a report.

  9. Yes, we have some great workers in town. Not once have I dealt with individual office folks and/or guys out on the street without being impressed by their sincere desire to help.

    But, that does not extend to those in charge. Let’s face it, we’ve promoted incoompetent morons to leadership positions — witness our village manager, our building department chief ninny, etc. Let’s erradicate the incompetents and pay the competent more.

  10. Our government is woefully inefficient and that makes it expensive. When they have to cut back, they slash and burn. Our departments operate with a hapless government mentality — basically no accountability. Maybe the workers have inept leadership. How else to explain this:

    A worker trims dead branches and limbs from trees on the Orchard school property. Weeks later, those dead limbs and branches are still on the ground. Why weren’t they picked up and carted away at the same time? Instead, someone will need to be sent out eventually to pick them up. That’s very inefficient and it’s an insult to the taxpayer. Is there a homeowner in town who would do this on their property?

  11. thats because they are told to start one job and then stop and help some one else because all depts are low on workers.very said. and to the shit head that is talking out of his ass the county is not takeing over any depts in town.they are down to only 10 workers on the county road.get your info in order.

  12. the real problem is that the village is under pressure to not increase taxes at an unreasonable rate. as we all know the school budget is out of control and makes up the majority (over 75%) of your property tax bills. It rises EVERY year, and the BOE has no sac when it comes to negotiating with the teachers at contract time. The union ALWAYS wins, and we all PAY. Fact is that if the BOE made the teachers contribute to their health care costs like the majority of workers in this country, then the school portion of the tax bills would go down. then i suspect the village would hire more workers for other departments…so to you other village workers in understaffed departments..you can thank the teachers union for tucking it up your tailpipe

  13. How about this idea: Let’s have a few less management people and a few more workers providing service!

  14. I agree 12:17. It’s time to trim management. They’re just awful. And they don’t support the workers.

  15. 6.58 i dont do paper work.i am the a–hole that does the work in village of ridgewood.not someone up at the village hall. they dont care. but i care thats y i come to work everyday.

  16. 6.58 better yet come to work with me for 1 day. and you will take paperwork.over my job that if you can do it.

  17. 6.58 you have no balls. all you do is bitch.

  18. 6.58i must go to work now its 9.05. maybe i can do the paper work later when. i am done at 10.00 or 11.00pm

  19. All departments are having difficulty in keeping up with the #’s and demands of what needs to be done and accomplished. The main reason, in this residents opinion, is the understaffing of all departments in whole. The Police Department is handling 40,000 calls, with a 39 officer dept. where the national standard (which is determined by census results on the ratio of officers to residents) indicates that the village requirs 54 – 56 officers to handle the call volume and effectively protect and serve the community. The Fire Department appears to be at bare minimum and are effectively running 15000 calls a year or so. The Emergency Services Volunteers are stretched thin, to the point where for the first time that I can remember in my 30yrs + as a village resident they are desperate for volunteers. The water department and other utility dept.’s are hurting for additional personel! We need to move forward in this community, we need to at minimum accomplish maintaining the national standard that other communities (which are far less fortunate) seam to do easily. Come on councel, “let’s get the ball rolling!”

  20. thats what happens when the employees are well compensated with generous benefits and retirement plans. there is an amount alloted for public safety, and it is divided among the employees. If a department head has xxx number of dollars to spend, it will divided among those currently employed. he/she cannot just hire more because that dept budget will increase more than allowed. so to those employees who currently have a nice job with benefits…you just might have to do what those in the private sector do… INCREASE productivity.. The huge wage increases granted to union employees by arbitrators under the guise of ‘parity’ with other towns etc is to blame. you reap what you sow..enjoy your fat paychecks but don’t expect any extra ‘bodies’ in your departments..

  21. yeah i guess we need more cops to ‘guard’ van neste park

  22. 6:28 it really is amazing how stupid some people can be. Congrats to you… you just won the dumbass of the day award. You really have no clue do you?? Thanks for the good laugh!

  23. to 628.you are such an,ass hole.we all know its you.who else could sound like that.and do you know what the hell you are doing.know one likes you at all.some day you are going to get knocked out and the hole town is going to have a big party.you scum bag.you dont like any one off us.its all about you.well f u.and what are you going to do about it.if you had any balls tell me when and whare.you make up such bull. s.,.,t.you think you are so smart.we all think you should just go and move or get a new job.you bin a jerk from the first day we had to wark with you. it is time for you to shut up or go.you are screwing things up.I know you and you are a s,.,/t head. some of the things that come from you it sounds like you are trying to be like hittler.what the hell is rong with you.and you get the same things we get jerk.you are and will be stop,ed.we all know you and your frind are trying to do what you like and we are on to you. so if you like to fix this call me you know how this is.dont be like that its know good.trust me.its better to be a nice person. will talk.the man.

  24. to 628 you bum.

  25. 2:12pm, its amazing how ungrateful you are for being over-compensated for doing a mediocre job. Yes your job is protected by civil service and union contract rules, however we the taxpayers have the right not to overstaff your departments so you can take your six weeks of overpaid vacation, personal days, etc etc. Too bad if you have to get off your fat ass and do something to earn your paycheck. the reality is the union arbitration granting parity is basically guaranteeing overly generous pay and benefits to those who have no motivation other than to come to work with a pulse. Civil servants ‘put in their time’. There is no motivational pay and it breeds laziness. Thankfully the managers in town have a budget. Perhaps after the union squeezes another ‘raise’ out of the taxpayers, jobs will be cut so that the remaining funds can be distributed amongst those lucky enough to be protected by union seniority. Ever heard of a layoff ? hope when it comes time you are the first to go 2;12p. Reality sux eh bigmouth?

  26. why is the police dept using 12 hour shifts? (other than to allow more time off for the union members) I cannot imagine how tired someone would be after spending 12 hours driving around. What kind of extra manpower is required to achieve this union backed ‘plum’? I suspect this would be the #1 cause of the whining about ‘not enough employees’. While in principle it may ‘appear’ to have the same ‘coverage’…in reality due to extensive vacations, required in-service training, sick days (gotta use em or lose em)…there would be a staffing issue… where do I sign up for the 3 day work week @ 100k per year with full benefits and retirement?

  27. in the best interest of taxpayers..regionalize, privatize, share workers & equipment. end of story.

  28. hopefully 5;24 isn’t a product of the ridgewood schools. I suspect someone who was literate filled out your employment application. And a word to the wise.. ‘you bin a jerk’…’some day you are going to get knocked out’.. I have a great idea. Before you threaten someone, you might learn how to spell so it can be understood..until then…thanks for the entertainment factor..after a long day I really need a laugh..oh yeah…next time don’t forget to supersize my fries! hahahahahhahahah

  29. How does one increase productivity in the Public Safety Field? Would you like the officers to rob a bank to increase productivity via the response by the department. Would you like the PD to impliment extensive ticket blitzes and write a ticket to every resident going 26 miles per hour? Or the FD to start a house on fire, or the Ambulance to pick up every old geriatric on the street? #’s Cannot be increase in that field! As the number of requests for Police response or Fire response increase, so should the # of trained responders! Bottom line!

  30. glad you asked 4:10. For starters, one doesnt need the same amount of cops on from 2AM to 8am. Fewer officers on at that time. More on during busy times. Ever heard of ‘overlapping shifts”? Its been done and it works well. Also, you don’t need the top heavy ranks filled with brass. A patrol sergeant in the field with a brain would suffice without needing an on-duty leutenant and capt on every shift. Same goes for every det bureau, juvenile bureau etc. WAY too many supervisors. The 12 hour shifts do not allow adequate coverage where 8 hours would suffice. (10 hours with overlap coverage-4 day workweek is the optimum) As for all the bs about police response, it might be worthwhile to have ‘special officers’ who could handle calls for the majority of complaints, such as parking, noise, etc. They work CHEAP and provide the necessary ‘bodies’ in the event of a bar fight (RARE here). The FD could get by with more volunteers as well. Same with the ambulance. But of course those of you would feel threatened by their presence, since their ability to handle the majority of the calls (SIMPLE TASKS) would dilute your ‘illusion’ that you are trying to promote to the taxpaying public. And as for your ‘threat’ of a ticket blitz… I say GO FOR IT Barney fife! Ever heard of selective enforcement? harrassment? Perhaps you missed that in your cursory academic training. And we will be watching when you and the ‘boys’ are out drinking on your nites off… remember Barney..this is Deadwood..not the south bronx.

  31. Q…”How does one increase productivity in the Public Safety Field?”
    A…provide free coffee and donuts

  32. Are you kidding me? With the exception of the police and fire departments I find the village departments to be staffed with uneducated, lazy people. Every time I ahve gone into a city office the workers are sitting at their desk’s which are usually empty not even pretending to be busy. They spend the day taking their union protected breaks, days off etc. And don’t get me started on their benefis which are much better than the average american worker. Please count your blessing and do some work for a change!!

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