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Dear BF Communit

If you have not yet heard, we will be welcoming two new assistant principals this year. I regret to inform everyone that Dr. Cary Bell will be joining the Somerville school as the interim principal while Dr. Lorna Oates-Santos
is on maternity leave, and then he will be retiring upon her return. I feel so blessed to have had the honor to work with and learn from both Cary Bell and Lorna Oates-Santos the last three years. They are excellent educators, and special people. I am so happy that they will still be nearby and they
will always be part of the BF family.

I want to thank all the teachers and parents who were part of the interview process for the new assistant principals. We began with over 200 resumes and
interviewed 13 great candidates. The new Assistant Principal for Ridge House will be Mr. Greg Wu, and the new Assistant Principal for Franklin House will be Ms. Shauna Stovell. I hope we can all extend Greg and Shauna a welcome
into their new home at BF.

Greg joins us after 12 years teaching English at Ridgewood High School, including a 6-year stint as one of the Grade Administrators. A graduate of
Montclair State University, Greg was also the principal of the Ridgewood Summer School.

Shauna is also a Ridgewood teacher, spending the last five years as a 5th grade teacher at Travell, after teaching four years in Jersey City. A graduate of Skidmore College, Shauna completed her Master’s in Educational
Administration in 2006 from St. Peter’s College, and will begin at BF upon her return from her honeymoon.

Both Shauna and Greg will be sorely missed at their respective schools, but we are happy to have them both on board as we begin the 2008-2009 school year.

I hope over the coming weeks our parents will reach out to Shauna and Greg and help them transition into our community, and I look forward to seeing all the students again in September! Enjoy the rest of the summer. I look forward to seeing everyone September 9th for Back to School Night.


Tony Orsini
Principal, BFMS


  1. I don’t know Greg but Shauna is a quality person.

  2. Gre is up there too. Congratulations!

  3. Greg is great. My kids had him at RHS. He was a GA over there too, I think. Congrats for BF on two great hires.

  4. Congratulations to both of them.
    This year will be one of the toughest ones at Travell. There will be at least 7 classrooms affected one way or another with teachers changes (experienced teachers moved to diff. grades-not their choice-, experienced teacher moved to a resource room, maternity leave, new teachers…
    I hope the BOE will pay attention to all of these changes the principal has managed to do in “record” time. Travell will need CONSTANT supervision

  5. Mr. Wu was one of the best Teachers and Administrators at RHS. Tough guy when he needed to be, was great teacher and someone who you could talk to for advise.

  6. Thanks for the info.
    Congrats to both of them.
    ThanksMr. Orsini for being a great communicator.
    Did HS parents and Travell parents receive any letter stating these facts? Just wondering outloud

  7. Once again PJ and his blog reported the info about Travell losing Stovell before Travell sent out its letter. Thanks so much PJ for keeping us informed. If Mr. Orsini at BF communicated with his parents on Monday, why did Mrs. Leininger’s letter arrive in Travell parents’ mailboxes on Wednesday? IMHO, would have been nice and more than appropriate for the 20or so families who were anticipating Ms. Stovell to teach their children in 2 weeks to be the first to hear of this staffing change.

  8. I was a student of Mr. Wu his first year at RHS and my siblings have had him both as a teacher and as a GA. As a BF alum I am happy to see him join the school. Congrats Mr. Wu! You will do a wonderful service to our community

  9. I am a High School parent and still didnt hear of this administrative staffing change.

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