Village Council May Consider Expansion of Smoking Ban

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2008 at 10:57 am

After passing an new ordinance that severely limits smoking within the Village Hall and Public Library complex, Village Council members agreed to consider extending the smoking restrictions to Graydon Pool and other Village owned properties. It is anticipated that this topic will be discussed during an upcoming Village Council Work Session.


  1. The STATE already has a law on the books, banning smoking in ALL public buildings.
    Aren’t the town hall and other buildings belonging to the village PUBLIC buildings?

    Wouldn’t any Village law be redundant?

  2. Taking a page from Bloomberg are we? Why not, seems Ridgewood is comfortable becoming a nanny state.

    While at it, why not ban McDonald’s and other fast foods with little or no nutritional value.

  3. 8:30
    Where is McDonald’s in Ridgewood?

    Besides Big Mac’s have lots of fat and some greens. Must be something in it that’s of value.

  4. Can’t you leave the public alone? This town is starting to look like a miniversion of Hollywood,California , which isn’t good. What “vote for me” fad is next?

  5. Hmmmm… Let’s see…

    Who can be behind these ordinances?

    Maybe Zuzy…

    Maybe Aronsohn….


    You get what you pay (vote) for.
    If you want other people micromanaging your life and restricting your rights under the umbrella of “protecting you from yourself” then you voted for the right folks.

    Not surprising from Ridgewood… one of only 4 towns in Bergen County to vote for Obama over Hillary in the Democrat primary (even Hillary wasn’t far left enough for us it seems).

  6. Maybe the council can pass an ordinance for a Daily Village-Wide Open Circle so everyone in town can be told the approved way to act while in town.

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