the Ridgewood Blog Poll Results:What’s your feeling on Valley Hospital?

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2008 at 3:46 pm

Yes to unbridled expansion 5 (0%)

Yes to the expansion, Valley is a good neighbor 276 (50%)

No to the expansion, Valley has pulled this stunt before 20 (3%)

No Valley is just trying to justify over paying its executives 8 (1%)

No it is just too big and going destroy the character and overwhelm the neighborhood 234(43%)

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  1. I noticed a suspicious surge in yes votes yeterday. Can you tell us how many yes’s were cast in the last 24 hours of the vote. Any way of knowing whether Audrey Meyers went to every PC at the hospital and made it wote yes?

  2. As there are only about 50 homes that are neighbors of Valley (or with 200ft) and can faithfully answer the question “..Valley is a good neighbor”; over 270 responses means that the majority of people who answered are not qualified to make that comment!

  3. The town should do the work and survey the immediate neighbors. Then will talk

  4. This vote (poll) was a waste of time and therefore highly inaccurate.

    What seems true, however, is that Valley is so threatened by the neighbors that they sent out notices to vote.

    This expansion is not good for this town.

  5. The town should do whatever Bolger & Meyers tell us to do

  6. Goes to show ya, Bigger IS better.

    Since the schools now suck and Graydon is murkie, the only draw to Ridgewood left is a BIG hospital.

    In 5-7 yrs take a poll and see why people moved here. 10 to 1 will say “THE BIG HOSPITAL”.

  7. internet polls are notoriously invalid. This one in particular is suspect. How many votes did VH cast?

  8. Forget about making Valley into a “BIG” hospital. The community did not agree, the homeowners are against this, there is NO WAY the hospital or the city council will be honest at this time, and sorry…but we already have one FIVE STAR MEDICAL CENTER in Bergen County..and it will never be you, Valley!

  9. So, if the vote was a resounding NO then it would have been valid?

    This is so funny, I must keep on coming back. If the poll agrees with your views it was scientific, it it doesn’t it was a quack job.

    Good one!

  10. The announcement today that $80 million will be invested to reopen Pascack Valley Hospital (owned by Hackensack) seriously reduces the viability of Valley’s grand plans. It also underlines Valley management’s failure to understand the present reality. Ridgewood DOES NOT WANT to host a large hospital expansion and yet Valley management only made a half-hearted attempt to purchase Pascask when it was for sale. If Valley Management had not been so myopic, they would be building right now in Pascack. So wake-up Audrey and alter your plans to fit the current reality.

  11. Valley must be getting crazed over the renewal if the reports that their pr machine was encouraging people to vote are true. Give me a break. Anybody with a brain knows that this proposal goes way beyond what a good neighbor would propose.

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