Developer Says New Parking Garage Will Cost Taxpayers Nothing

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2008 at 1:09 pm

It is being reported that Village Council members have found a real estate developer who is willing to build a parking garage on North Walnut Street at no cost to taxpayers. That’s right folks, a multi story parking garage and retail complex at ZERO cost to taxpayers. Can this be true?

The Fly says show me the written proposal, the developer’s completed projects resume, and let me check his references.

Here’s the developer:


Wayside Gardens

  1. Great possibilities !..! Maybe, the same thing could be done for the Graydon Pool/Pond to re-design and build one that would preserve the nostalgia we love.. and an improvement for a clear water facility to serve the Village, the Education District and the reputation of the Village… Then again, who would recommend that approach?

  2. Uncle Dom!

  3. Oh OK… as long as it doesn’t cost the taxpayers any money then let the developers do whatever they want to do.

    I don’t want some monstrous parking garage squatting on a significant piece of land in the middle of downtown Ridgewood.

    And kiss off any shot at seeing reasonable parking rates. A FOR PROFIT organization will try to raise parking prices as high as they can. They have no incentive to operate at no profit or a minimal profit (or even at a subsidized loss) as a municipal parking lot may be inclined to do.

  4. Whaddya mean? Then the Bogler Strip Club would have to become the BaddaBing North! Could hide lotsa bodies in that storage facility…eh, Sonny?

  5. another white elephant in the making

  6. How big is this building and how big is the retail part. 48,000 square feet of retail? when you consider the average store size in town is 1,000 square feet this is some addition to the town and with say 48 new stores and the required parking for them how many spaces does the Village really gain and where is the Village when the state comes in and asks where is the affordable housing. Lotta of questions in this one.

  7. How does $3,000,000 equal to free? Is this fuzzy math?

  8. Careful now:

    Maybe “Uncle Dom” has plans for a private arrangement with Mr. Bolger …. that would make his idea for Graydon a satisfactory arrangement that everyone might approve of and support?

    That might “clear up” things a little to see that we have hit “bottom” there. It’s a Ghost Town of non-paying users and paying members. Council better get to work on this one NOW … and don’t become “dead in the water” too.

  9. Another example of free improvements for our town. Yet there are still people against it. In this case the extra parking and retail most likely would generate more tax revenue if it helps business in town.

    It is remarkable how a big segment of our town is against anything, no matter if it is free or even if we actually stand a chance of MORE tax revenue.

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