Mass mail from Valley’s Megan Fraser

In Uncategorized on August 9, 2008 at 3:28 pm

Dear Valley Supporter

Today, the Village of Ridgewood Planning Board announced that it was canceling the August 19th meeting. The meeting will be rescheduled for a Monday night in September, but they have not decided on a date. I will keep you posted.

I also wanted to make you aware of a survey being run by a Ridgewood blog asking people to indicate their support for Valley’s plans for Renewal. We would appreciate it if you would visit the link below right now and cast your vote for the second line, which says:

Yes to the expansion, Valley is a good neighbor Thanks, in advance for your support.


1800flowers.com (Martha Stewart)

  1. Will I be charged to vote on the blog? Oh no I forgot. It’s only our elected officials who charge to solicit public opinion.

  2. To expand or not to expand — let the taxpayers of Ridgewood decide via the ballot box. All the NYMBYS who will profit from contracts if Valley does get approval should not have a say in this. I think an expansion of the size Valley wants will ruin Ridgewood…there has to be a better way…with all the vacant commercial buildings in north Jersey you would think they would consider some alternatives!

  3. Maybe we should have another poll:

    Did you move here in Ridgewood because the Valley?

    (No non-residents or Valley employees, please)

  4. This comment has to do with Reform Math, please move it to whatever you want on this blog.
    1. I am in support of the parents in Ridgewood who are attempting to rid the district of reform math, I am also involved in that in Somerset County.
    2. We are fortunately having success and it seems likely that EveryDAY math will be bye, bye very soon.
    3. I’m writing to post this positive article about our District:


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