Resullts of the Ridgewood blog Polls

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Why did you move to Ridgewood ?

the Schools 56 (54%)

Easy commute to work 10 (9%)

The restaurants and banks 9 (8%)

Graydon pool 27 (26%)

total polled 102

What should be done with Graydon Pool?

Whats wrong with it ? 66 (37%)

Get rid of the geese! 21 (12%)

Pave it over build a clear water pool 79 (45%)

Dont care have my own pool to use 8 (4%)

total polled 174

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  1. 50% – Keep “pond” style
    45% – “Clear water” it
    5% – Don’t care

    Seems about right.

  2. 10;40 .. go back to Math class..stupid.

    1-What’s Wrong? 37%..Don’t know. They live in ignorance and unwilling to learn. They will learn real soon however, when the Pool is “closed down”! It’s a ghost town now.

    2-Get rid of Geese 12% Limited knowledge. Only a small solution.

    3-Build a clear water pool 45%- Want something better!

    4-Don’t care- have own pool 4%. But, might be inclined to bring guests to a large town pool party.

  3. This poll, like other surveys conducted, confirms that Schools are the #1 reason people move to Ridgewood.

    & the Ridgewood Front Porch indicates that Ridgewood housing demand is greater than supply…not a lot of residents are selling their homes.

    Therefore, we can conclude that the great education delivered by our schools & experienced by the children of our homeowners continues to be the primary reason for healthy housing prices in Ridgewood.


  4. its the PERCEPTION of excellence…nothing more than an illusion..check the test scores…we are NOT what we used to be with respect to the school ranking.. Teachers union better do more teaching and less protesting/whining

  5. To 2:47 PM –
    Re: “10;40 .. go back to Math class..stupid.”

    For your information, my Math is perfect:

    50% – Keep “pond” style =

    “What’s wrong with it”
    + “Get rid of the geese!”

    45% – “Clear water” it =

    “Pave it over build a clear water pool”

    5% – Don’t care =

    “Dont care have my own pool to use”

    Unlike you, I’m not prone to name-calling, but I think that you may be the one feeling a bit stupid after you re-check your math.

    Explain how my math is wrong, or I think you owe me an apology.


    10:40 AM

  6. Teachers union better do more teaching and less protesting/whining

    The only whining done around here is by the nattering nabobs of negativism who say the school system sucks, Graydon sucks, Valley Hospital sucks, the Village sucks, the state sucks, blah blah blah.

  7. Why are all those Bergen County (Scuba divers, emergency equipent) employees at Graydon this morning? Training in 12 feet of murky water? Village, Fire Trucks about ten of them) personnel and many others. Are they there for a morning swim? I doubt it. Deep water area, shut down while all this going on … suggest they shut the whole thing down and stop playing games…

  8. its the PERCEPTION of excellence…nothing more than an illusion

    So, thousands of Ridgewood homebuyers are seeing merely seeing shadows on a wall, but a Select Few (including you) are able to see The Truth?

    “Yeah, that’s the ticket…”

  9. 5:12 Ridgewood Front Porch is “run” by Al Donohue (sp?), who is a local real estate agent. Of course he will say that housing market is strong and demand is greater than supply. Otherwise, he’ll be collecting unemployment.

  10. Maybe they were doing some safety training at Graydon 11:12. That’s what it looked like to me. Why would that be a bad thing?

  11. why i moved here because of the stuff i read on the ridgewood blog i wanted to live in a lively community LOL!!!!!

  12. Now I know why I want to move out..


  13. Did you see the underwater cameras used in the Olympics? Have you ever watched the Discovery Channel and viewed the bottom of the ocean? Surely there is a camera grid that can cover the bottom ( does it need to be 10 feet at the center?) of the pool.

    If we are willing to put cameras in the downown we should be willing to consider them for the pool.

  14. I don’t know that I said the housing demand in Ridgewood was greater than supply but I did say the Ridgewood Real Estate market is holding up very well – especially when compared to other parts of the country.

    For what it’s worth, my experience is that folks move here for the schools, the reputation for having lots of sports and cultural activities and the great downtown. Ridgewood is sort of the social hub of this area and folks are generally willing to pay a bit more to be in the hub.

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