Ex-students charged in school burglary

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Wednesday, August 6,2008


An alert neighbor and a security camera played key roles in thwarting a burglary at Ridgewood High School, police said.

Two former students — Christopher Zeigler, 19, and Daniel Gillis, 18, both of Ridgewood — are with charged with burglary and theft in connection with the break-in last month, police said in a release.

A neighbor walking his dog just before midnight on July 25 told police he noticed a man in his early 20s walking away from the east side of the building. The man said he then spotted a computer in the bushes near an open window.

“He also noticed a second computer hanging from a window of the high school,” said Ridgewood Police Lt. William Amoruso.

Detective Douglas Williams and Officer Chris McDowell, resource officer for the village’s schools, later discovered a computer stuffed into a gym bag.

A custodian also told police he ran into Gillis in the school that night, and that the teen then took off, the lieutenant added

Finally, a surveillance camera in the school captured identifiable images of Zeigler, Amoruso said.

“The camera provided the information [McDowell] needed to bring this to a conclusion,” said Angelo DeSimone, the district’s assistant superintendent for business.

RHS was open at the time, due to a performance at the Little Theatre that night, DeSimone said. Otherwise, authorities would have been alerted by the alarm system.

Ridgewood police arrested Zeigler early Thursday. A short time later, they had Gillis, Amoruso said.

“It just so happened that the defendants cooperated and we were able to close the case,” the lieutenant said.

Zeigler and Gillis are free released on their own recognizance pending a future Municipal Court date.

None of the computers was damaged during the burglary, DeSimone said.

  1. Dumb and dumber….

  2. I actually hope and pray that Mr. DeSimone actually said, “None of the computers were damaged…” instead of “None WAS…” but you never know!

  3. Wow those two boys are what I would consider “good kids.” I’m shocked. I guess you never know…

  4. just what REALLY matters…the ‘grammar police”.. MORON

  5. It was not a direct quote.

  6. Thanks for today’s Daily Pedantry, 3:28

  7. What?!?! No way at all,,,, Ridgewood kids would never do something like this!! They must have been from Glen Rock

  8. 7.12pm: you really don’t get the point of the grammar comment. Mr. DeSimone is in the education business. If this is all a little difficult for you to link together, don’t worry about it and let your comment stand.

  9. It was NOT a direct quote.

  10. That’s all I asked. I was hoping he didn’t say it and that it was sort of lost in translation.

  11. “None was” is correct. “None were” is incorrect.

    Let me try to make this clear for those of you who do not have a command of the language, especially the know-it-all at 3:28PM.

    None is short for “not one.” Therefore “not one was stolen” is correct. As usual someone with the most emphatic big mouth is incorrect.

  12. And it seems like the cops were able to solve the case so quickly because of the proof from the CAMERAS that are in the school. Why are downtown cams forbidden to do the same good police work? Where are those that believe we don’t have crime in our little village now?

  13. Cameras are a great idea for the downtown but NOT IF BOLGER is going to supply them. We don’t need him or his money.

  14. Is the ONLY goal reducing crime?
    If so, we can implement more draconian measures that will reduce crime to virtually zero.

    Unfortunately reducing crime is NOT the ONLY goal. Personal freedoms have to be given paramount consideration in a free society such as ours.

    Sometimes the individual’s right to freedom and privacy trumps the state’s duty to provide a safe environment and a conscious decision is made to trade (less) safety for (more) personal freedom and privacy.

    (Oh and when I say “unfortunately” and “sometimes”, I really mean “fortunately” and “oftentimes”.)

  15. If crime is the #1 concern then why don’t we have a dusk to dawn curfew?

  16. Nationally, Ridgewood ranked 4th among populations with 20 – 30 thousand residents in serious crime and 6th in its murder rate compared to like municipalities.

    This village is a microcosm of Newark.

    I think we should have cameras on every corner.

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