Reader says :Valley Hospital is strictly a TAKE ALL, and GIVE NONE business

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PJ – After the incident 2 years ago when a Ridgewood Emergency Services operated and Village owned Generator was sent to that Deli in Midland Park, how will the Valley Hospital reimburse the Village for its use of this equipment, in addition to the Communications vehicle, communications equipment, and nearly a dozen paid and volunteer personnel. Although Ridgewood Emergency Services, the RPD, and RFD do a great job in responding to all calls and handling all responses professionally… the Valley Hospital is strictly a TAKE ALL, and GIVE NONE business. Valley Hospital pays $0 in Taxes and Donates $0 to the RPD, RFD, and Emergency Services, or any other Ridgewoon Entity that would benefit its residents, and Village Residents recieve the same bills as non-residents from the hospital and its services. I strongly believe the Valley Hospital should be send a bill for the use of Village equipment and services today. The RFD responds on several calls a month to the Valley Hospital, and receives $0 compensation for the Tax Payer expenses to send them there. Ridgewood Emergency Services spend approximately 50 Man-hours on-site today to assist in the Power Failure – When Valley’s equipment failed after a transformer explosion on Linwood Ave. Valley is spending millions on their expansion, you think they could afford a few hundred thousand to install and maintain proper generators and communications equipment, or at least Donate to Ridgewood to compensate the use of Village equipment, services, and personnel? Somone on the counsil needs to stand up to these bullies!

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  1. I think VH donated to buy a lot of that equipment.(I could be wrong)

  2. Valley has donated many times to various causes in Ridgewood. Do your homework. Take all and give none? I’ve been GIVEN plenty of superior medical care, help, sympathy, caring, expertise, creativity, energy, and more by Valley. And I’ve been given absolutely nothing by the Deli in Midland Park or anywhere else. So…I guess I don’t see your point.

  3. Valley has demonstrated that they are one of Ridgewood's most generous corporate citizens over and over again. Your comments make no sense. How is it Valley's fault if a PSE&G transformer explodes on Linwood Ave. I suggest that, if you feel so strongly against Valley (whether you basis is accurate or not), you should drive to Hackensack or some other hospital the next time you have an emergency. Better yet, just move to another town.

    I am so tired of you ungrateful and self-righteous people, who take one of our most precious resources (Valley Hospital) for granted time and time again and would prevent the rest of us from benefiting from Valley's necessary update. You make me sick.

  4. GIVE NONE??

    Valley has been giving away tons of tons of $$$$ to advertise agencies.

    Take a look at the region’s newspapers, magazines, and the local TV channels, can you find anyone without Valley’s big $$$ signs??

  5. Comment on new Poll “Why did you move to Ridgewood?” Thank you. At least this a reasonable approach…
    Realtors Nationally and Locally have already done this kind of poll.

    Results here in Ridgewood very likely make “The Schools” the first choice. “Easy Commute” likely second.

    Perhaps a fourth line “Variety of Recreation Programs”? … just a thought …

    Come to Ridgewood for the Restaurants, I doubt it…

    Bask in the sun at Graydon, not likely. I’d build a pool in my backyard first if I could afford to move here.

  6. all of these ‘non-profits’ who are exempt from paying property taxes should be ‘assessed’ some sort of ‘host fee payable’ to the village in lieu of taxes. Better yet, included the churches too. if the west side church could afford to pay $35 mil to rebuild after the fire…they certainly can afford to pay host fees to the town. Valley, where hundreds of its employees earn over a million a year each (doctors) has no right to skirt the non-profit tax-exempt rules… the last time i went there i paid PLENTY for the services rendered.

  7. so what if Valley advertises? They have to market themselves just like any business. In fact, it could be argued that a not-for-profit has an obligation to be an an even smarter business. If Valley did not have ads in magazines or newspapers, I would take that as a sign of bad business practices anad it would erode my confidence in them as a business (and thus affect my confidence in their healthcare).

  8. Grow up — Valley’s a major corporation that spends money in its host community as advertising. That’s neither moral nor immoral; and Valley remains a great hospital.

    But, it has outgrown its place. It needs to move if it wants to become an even bigger corporation. Buying a couple of scoreboards doesn’t entitle it to take over the Village and turn it into a hospital town. Valley needs to start looking around in the area for a location that it can build into the major NorthEast institution it wants to become.

  9. The original post is a reminder that we’ve become, as Phil Gram might say, a village of whiners.

  10. What about the helicopter that landed at BF a few weeks ago? Is the school field a helipad for the hospital? Another perk of being next door to the hospital?

    With the expansion will the need for helicopter transport in Ridgewood increase? Where will the designated landing pad be?

  11. VH is a business. It donates $$ where it sees a likely return on that investment in the form of community good will. Like any business. It is part of a well-orchestrated and on-going PR effort by VH. that’s not a criticism, but rarely should corporate donations be regarded as motivated by generosity.

  12. I see what we have here is yet another idiot who has no idea what they are talking about. You want to talk about trying to be a bullie… Look at yourself, Only Valley has the balls to do it in public. But yes they have donated many many things to the Village. Check your facts.

  13. “You make me sick.

    9:42 PM”

    Don’t go to the Valley ER.

  14. Valley gives plenty to
    Newsradio 88. They spend on advertising to attract people to their regional hospital – only if they have the right insurance.

    They need to keep their beds full. After the expansion there will be new bills to pay. Out Patient services are the money game now.

  15. There is no question that Ridgewood taxpayers subsidize Valley. Who pays for the roads, police, firemen/equipment, water infrastructure that are required to keep Valley afloat?

  16. No whining just facts. We already pay a good deal for Valley’s services. They are a well compensated business. They make most of their money here (circa $25mm per year) and use services provided at the taxpayers’ expense. I would gladly take their option to donate about 10% of my taxes and insist I get top billing for all donations. Comparatively, I get to pay 100% of my taxes, with no headlines. I rarely, if ever have RPD and RFD at my house for false and real alarms. In addition I have to spend my free time fighting my mayor and planning board from giving everything away that I paid for. I guess that’s fair. It’s time for them to expand elsewhere, 75% increase in space cannot be accomodated here.

  17. “…75% increase in space cannot be accomodated here.”

    Well, then I guess it’s a good thing they’re not asking for a 75% increase in space. You must be happy!

  18. 959 Agree with you. And why do we have spend all our time fighting our own mayor and town instead of relying on them to protect our interests?

  19. 1:31 you make me sick! That is someones life we are talking about and you are bitching because they landed on BF field? What is wrong with you and where are your morals. Get a life and find something to do with your time… Perhaps volunteer at Valley. Maybe it will open your eyes on what actually goes on there. Maybe while you are there you can seek some professional help to see as to what makes you tick. Scumbag.

  20. you make me sick.. you make me sick… You should wash your mouth out with Purell.

    Lets put it out there. Where is Valley’s heliport? Is the official heliport the field that they could not buy? Is the heliport a part of their expansion?

  21. 3:03

    I take it that you do not work with the public.

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