Weekly Math Comic

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2008 at 2:38 pm


  1. & the math fundamentalism continues…

  2. Get rid of this dumb dumb math, you big dopes!

  3. You need the headline of this comic to understand it better: It’s
    “Fuzzy Math Removal”

  4. Let’s hope Fishbien is up to the task.

  5. Who says Fishbien is even interested in “the task”?

  6. It’s his job to be interested in “the task.”

  7. What other choice does he have? How far do you think he will get just pretending that our high performing district really is high performing with its math for dummies program?

    OH, and by the way, that CMP2 stuff in the middle school is worse that it looks. The whole CMP program was invented so that any weak teacher could facilitate their way through a math curriculum. Now, guess what happens to students when their teachers don’t know math well enough to teach it?

  8. It’s his job to be interested in “Fuzzy Math Removal”?

    I can only hope, but it seems that his predecessors “task” was to implement fuzzy math.

    When did the job description change (for the better)?

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