Flash Flood Watch remains in effect through this afternoon…

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Flash Flood Watch remains in effect through this afternoon…

The Flash Flood Watch continues for

* portions of northeast New Jersey and southeast New York…
including the following areas… in northeast New Jersey…
Bergen… eastern Passaic… Essex… Hudson… Union and western
Passaic. In southeast New York… Bronx… Kings (brooklyn)…
New York (manhattan)… northern Westchester… Orange…
Putnam… Queens… Richmond (staten island)… Rockland and
southern Westchester.

* Through this afternoon

* a slow moving cold front approaching the area will provide a
focus for the development of numerous showers and
thunderstorms… some of which could repeatedly move over the
same areas. These storms also could produce torrential
rainfall… with rainfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour.

* An additional 1 to 2 inches of rainfall is expected today… with
locally higher amounts. This rainfall… on top of the rain which fell
Wednesday and Wednesday night will likely cause flash flooding
of small streams… urban areas and poor drainage spots within
the watch area… as well as sharp rises on larger streams and
rivers. Flooding of flood prone basements is also likely.

A Flash Flood Watch means that conditions may develop that lead
to flash flooding. Flash flooding is a very dangerous situation.

You should monitor later forecasts and be prepared to take action
should flash flood warnings be issued.

  1. Oh boy! Everytime I want to water the lawn it rains… will all that water help keep Graydon filled so we can shut off those two wells pumping water 24 hours a day into it to keep it filled? Probably not…The July odd-even days water restrictions will be going into effect soon. Maybe it will only rain on alternate days. Let’s form another committee to check that out….

  2. “Let’s form another committee to check that out”

    So now you’re blaming the weather on our Village Council?

  3. 7:48 Could you make yourself look like any more of an ass?

  4. 1:56 PM,

    Don’t you ever tire of taking slight and defending the VC and BOE?

    And who says 7:48 is blaming the VC for the weather.

    His was only a joke about all the committees that are formed to address this or that topic.

    So, my advice to you, get over your self importance, learn to have a sense of humor and take a chill pill.

  5. 1:56 –

    Lighten up Francis.

    – Sgt Hulka

  6. Boy, it sure is a good thing that there aren’t any athletic events scheduled at Brookside, RHS or Stevens fields. Those fields will be unplayable for days.

  7. Why not, if they can’t control the weather, why think they can run the village!

  8. BTW – Odd/Even watering restrictions go into effect on May 1st every year. Check your Village Calendar.

  9. The pumps from the two wells providing water to Graydon.. appeared shut off this morning. Is there a reason? Were the heavy rains plus the additional storm drain water too much and flowed into Graydon too?. Detected an odor of Chlorine again..?? Something is going on. Was there an overnight unreported Chlorine shock made?… If so, that would require a 48 hour shut down I believe. Can someone check it out accurately please?

  10. 3:03 — The answer should be “No”, but stay tuned: 7:48 can always hit a new low

  11. dont wory did we get the new doors for town hall.how much 80,000grand some one is smoking some good shit.

  12. 8:14 AM –

    Go hide in your basement where it is safe.

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