Mickelson applauds Ridgewood

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Star-Ledger Staff

After playing Ridgewood Country Club a number of times in preparation for The Barclays next month, Phil Mickelson believes the FedEx Cup will be getting off to a great start.

“I’ve done a couple of outings out there, so I’ve had a chance to see the golf course and play it,” Mickelson said yesterday while making an appearance in Jersey City. “With it being our first FedEx Cup event, it’s important to get off to a good start.”

Tiger Woods is out for the rest of this year after having surgery on his left knee last month, meaning Mickelson will be the top draw when the first event of the PGA Tour’s four-tournament playoff comes to New Jersey next month. With The Barclays moving from its longtime home at Westchester (N.Y.) Country Club to Ridgewood in Paramus last winter, players have expressed their enthusiasm for the classic course.

“It’s interesting. They’re both wonderful, historic sights,” Mickelson said. “But I think Ridgewood has a little bit more with the Ryder Cup (held there in 1935), as well as (other) championships. I think it will be a cool site.”

It’s a site Mickelson will be more familiar with because of his practice rounds at the course. With its tricky greens, thick rough and oak tree-lined fairways, Ridgewood will be a unique test for the field.

“I’m familiar with how the course will be set up, how the rough and the greens will be set up,” Mickelson said. “I did that because I hadn’t really played the course before.”

The Barclays, which will be played Aug. 21-24, will be the first professional tournament Mickelson will play in the Garden State since he won the 2005 PGA Championship at Baltusrol. He said he’s enthused to get back to playing in front of the crowds that supported him during that major win three summers ago.

“I can’t wait,” he said. “This is going to be a key tournament for the end of the year.”

Mickelson, on his way home from the British Open, where he finished tied for 19th at 14 over par, was at the Liberty Science Center with his wife Amy for the fourth annual Mickelson/ExxonMobil Teachers Academy. The program was developed to give teachers the opportunity to expand math and science skills.

It’s been a whirlwind 36 hours for Mickelson, who flew to New York after his final round at the British Open and then arrived in Jersey City. This morning, he and Amy will be in Washington testifying before the House Education and Labor Committee about the importance of math and science education.

Brendan Prunty may be reached at bprunty@starledger.com.

  1. It appears the “professional educators” have done such a miserable job that the Hourse Education and Labor Committee is forced to look to the PGA for advice about math and science education. This is not inconsistent with the findings of the math panel.

  2. I heard this on the radio last week.

    Phil Mickelson advocating for strengthening our math and science skills – – that’s a hoot…!

  3. 2:27 –

    Well at least someone is!

  4. 227 no more of a hoot than a high school educated firemen running the school board!

  5. 227 no more of a hoot than a high school educated firemen elected by a landslide running the school board!

    Fixed that fer ya 7:05 AM.

  6. “elected by a landslide” yes that is funny even after he tried to sell BF to valley but after all ridgewood schools are the home and sole supporter of dumb dumb math lol!

  7. so 926 he was as you say “elected by a landslide” and that means he is an expert on education? no wonder this school system is going down the drain…yikes may i remind you SO WAS MCGREVEY hehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehehehheheheheheh

  8. If the “fireman” was elected by a landslide, why did he loose the second time he ran and why didn’t he run the fourth time around?

    This is not to disparage him, just a question.

  9. 9:35 AM –

    You misunderstood my “elected by a landslide” comment… I was reinforcing your comment, by pointing out how it is even more ridiculous that a large majority of voters placed a High School educated person (his occupation is irrelevant) on the BOE to make education curriculum decisions.

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