Ridgewood will zero in further on accessibility

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Sunday, July 13, 2008
STAFF WRITERRIDGEWOOD – Village officials are taking measures to establish a panel that would serve as a formal sounding board to address the needs and concerns of the disabled community.

“My sense is that Ridgewood has done a good job, but there is always room for improvement,” said Councilman Paul S. Aronsohn, a proponent of the Ridgewood Committee on Disability Issues.

Aronsohn and Village Manager James Ten Hoeve have invited the public to a meeting Thursday at Village Hall to discuss the need, potential scope, and role of a disability committee.

James Thebery, the director of the county’s Division of Disability Services, will also attend.

“We want to go beyond ADA [the Americans with Disabilities Act] and address emergency preparedness issues and quality of life,” Aronsohn said. “There are day-to-day issues you don’t think about – quality-of-life issues that can impact someone’s life.”

Aronsohn encouraged village residents to attend and offer input in what could be a series of organizational meetings.

“Rather than me decide the parameters, we want to hear from parents, families, caregivers … so that we can see what the scope should be,” he said.

Board of Education and library officials, as well as emergency service personnel, are expected to attend.

The disability community may have issues that range from what to do in a flood or fire to how to commute within the village, Aronsohn said.

“There may be people on oxygen and we may need to know who they are, where they live … we need to get a handle on what we need to do,” Aronsohn said. “And ground transportation. How many people in town have physical limitations? We need to ask if we should have a bus service in town.

“The committee is a sounding board, a platform to start a dialogue and we hope to have a committee up and running by the end of the year,” Aronsohn said.

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  1. Dom.. already on top of this one.. he says: “Ho-Hum…New Councilman busy work to me. Is it Thursday July 17th.. AM or PM and where? When in doubt as to what to do.. always form another committee to show you are on top of things. That’s not efficiency… it’s political self-grandizement. We already have a “Safety Committee” don’t we? “Let’s take a Survey” is a typical slowing down process by amateur politicians that never gets anything done. It just slows things down some more.” Sorry folks I’ve seen this movie before and don’t need to “re-visit” that one! I’m not empressed.

  2. Nice to know that the time of meeting was added to the Record story at 9:42 AM (THIS) Morning. It’s 7 PM in the Community Center on the First Floor of the Village Hall July 17th. Suggest it be added to the Village WEB site News Update.

  3. Sounds like our BOE.

    They love to set up committees to “study” issues they care about.

    Make work for political hacks.

    Same old, same old.

  4. Chilling to read the posters above voicing their disgust for people with disabilities.

  5. sorry 355 but these comittes are a ridgewood way of doing nothing and bragging about it if you were really worried about the disabled you would know that

  6. The posters aren’t against people with disabilities. They are against the transparent attempt by Aronsohn to get his face in the paper. The COUNTY paper, that is.

  7. NO! NOT Paul!

    I can’t believe that Paul would use the disabled in a transparent attempt to get his face in the paper in yet another of a series of unending attempts to jump start his failed political “career” (such as it is).

    Say it aint so Paul!

  8. Folks —

    I generally don’t respond to anonymous personal attacks, but this issue hits particularly close to home. Like so many others, I have a long, personal history with disability issues.

    If you’re interested, I hope you will attend tomorrow’s meeting or contact me directly, so that we can discuss it one-on-one.

    Disability is a reality that cuts across all socio-economic lines, all political lines, and all racial/ethnic/religious lines. And so rather than use the discussion of disability as a means for attacking me or anyone else, I would invite you to instead join the discussion in a constructive way and help enhance the quality of life for all those — our sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, children, spouses, friends, etc — who face daily challenges due to some form of disability.


    Paul Aronsohn

  9. Paul –

    Re: “…so rather than use the discussion of disability as a means for attacking me or anyone else…”

    How about you not using disability as a way to divert the Village finances to address your own personal agenda and raise your political profile in the process?

    The needs of Ridgewood residents with disabilities should be met as much as and in balance with the needs of all Ridgewood residents.
    Forming this committee looks like you are misusing your power as a Village Councilman to prioritize a personal agenda issue over other more pressing Village issues.

    No personal attack here… just accurate observation.

  10. a paul sounds good.when you get some time we need you to come around to some of the town depts and talk about a few things.you need to get the right info not some bull shit story about we are ok with workers.no we are not we need workers ro get the jobs done.and we do not have people they leve and they do not replace them no good only inthe police a d fire they do no place else.come down go around and talk to the formens not the town hall bull shiter,you know him.a real weezile.

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