nostalgic posting of the Ridgewood Lawns triggered a couple of memories.

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James.. your nostalgic posting of the Ridgewood Lawns triggered a couple of memories. Here are a couple of photos of that time period.
1. Dom … in his first backyard gardening experience.
2. Yes, they even delivered milk to your backdoor those days!
Perhaps, you could use and start a collection of the “Ridgewood Lawns Memories from 1948”

Stay well… Dom domnizza@netzero.com

Dom Nizza is an original owner from 1948 and declares that he is the “Mayor” of Robert St (a dirt road at the time)He is known as a local celebrity in the village . He selected a lot off a map that was next to an existing home that belonged to Mr and Mrs. Bartel (Bartel Place named after them). Their son was the “building inspector” at the time, and advised Dom, “anytime you want do improve your home, just do it, stay away from the building dept. they will just add more paper work to your project”… Now that wouldn’t happen today, would it?

PS.. Mrs. Bartel taught Dom, how to plant those huge tomatoes! Check that one out with Dom now the last remaining “original owner” on his street. Can he claim an added street sign to the pole? You want more history of the Lawns, check with Dom. No charge.

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  1. What a great post! How cozy the Lawns looked! So much space!

    Everyone is crowded in now and new owners are exploding their homes upward and outward. It’s ridiculous…and ugly. The huge monstrosities are out of place, block the sun and the breezes.

    Thanks for the nostalgic photos.

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